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Wayne Allyn Root - Football Upset Club


If you know the name Wayne Allyn Root, if you’ve played my picks, read my books, seen me on TV, read about me in the Wall Street Journal, or seen me interviewed on James Cramer’s MAD MONEY on CNBC, you know the world of money takes me VERY seriously because I have proved you CAN make money betting football!

Last Year I picked 107 dogs that beat the spread.

So you didn’t need points!

You won odds! Like a $100 bet that won $400, $280, $225, even $150.
My players cashed those 72 straight up winning dogs for $13,000!

(As opposed to ONLY $3,120 vs the spread)

Here’s what we''ve been doing lately...13-6 ATS

9/17Missouri (+6½) over Georgia27-28WON
 California (+7) over Texas50-43WON
9/18Texans (-1) over Chiefs19-12WON
 Panthers (-13) over 49ers46-27WON
9/22Texans (+1) over Patriots0-27lost
9/24Utah State (+4) over Air Force20-27lost
 Northwestern (+7½) over Nebraska13-24lost
9/25Seahawks (-10) over 49ers37-18WON
 Chiefs (-2½) over Jets24-3WON
9/26Saints (-2½) over Falcons32-45lost
9/29Bengals (-7) over Dolphins22-7WON
9/30Washington (-3½) over Stanford44-6WON
10/1Indiana (+6½) over Michigan State24-21WON
 Washington State (+2½) over Oregon51-33WON
10/2Ravens (-4) over Raiders27-28lost
 Bills (+3½) over Patriots16-0WON
10/3Giants (+4½) over Vikings10-24lost
10/4Navy (+17) Houston46-40WON
 Oregon State (+13.5) California47-44WON


I’ve been dubbed by the media as “Americas Oddsmaker” & picker of over 25,000 winners against-the spread.

You get an edge betting dogs. Popular favorites are almost always overpriced. Dogs have the edge in incentive. And think about this: once the favorite establishes a lead, they tend to play conservative, which makes back door covers more likely – another reason Upset Club is the way to go!

Join my UPSET CLUB for a whole season of my nifty covers, and my dogs-that-win-straight-up.Includes Mondays & Thursdays as well as two each on Saturday and Sunday.

All for Only $179!

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