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Wayne Root's Primetime NFL Showdown. Sunday
Wayne has spotted the right game that has all the ingredients needed for this winner. Stats, trends and emotional points of reference all point to one side; The side Wayne Root is pounding!! This is a game that forces you to forget about the mirage of these 2 teams previous week's results and zoom in on key issues! This game is a HUGE WINNER


Means what it says: I can’t find a flaw! These games rate 100%!





Wayne Allyn Root's
A week-after-week money machine in football

So what is a PERFECT PLAY? It's a game in which there is absolutely NO flaw. Whether statistically...or going by intangibles... or looking at schedule quirks... or analyzing the line... or even simulating the game on computer - it still comes up as 100%!

Does that mean it MUST win at 100%?

Heck, no. Games aren't won on a computer printout but on the hardwood, so anything could throw off that prediction. An injury. An accident. A bad flight. A dumb coaching decision. That's why an 80% game might win at 62%. That's the normal attrition that happens between expectation and reality. Call it Murphy's Law.

Still, if I can believe what I'm looking at, my PERFECT PLAY - on paper, in the computer, in my brain, my heart and my gut - is a game that must win.

A play that if I had to stake my life on a game - this would be it.

A game that if I was playing Double Or Nothing - and my Las Vegas mansion were in the balance - this would be it.

This is a game where fate would have to go out of its way and intervene in order for it to lose. And, yes, sometimes Fate DOES go out of its way. But most of the time it does not.

And let's be commonsensical about this: Games rated at 100% - though they may never reach that level - will do a lot better than games rated at, say, 80%.

NOW, imagine getting games this good over the entire football season! Think of the backup. The mountains of statistical evidence. The problem-solving skills of yours truly, as I worked my way deftly through all those numbers to zero in on the gold!

You can go day-to-day for $49 per day.

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