Wayne Allyn Root - Wayne Root Trust 2016 Football Season

  • Wayne Root 2016 Football Season $899.00
  • 5 Weeks $499.00

Heads Up... This is the Best of the Best of the Best!

Just went 3-1-1 Sunday!

Root Trust Games of the Year For $8 a Game

Imagine the rest of the season od GOLD STAR GAMES AT A STREET PRICE. Wayne Allyn Root's Top football games at under $8 each! Limited offer so act now! Would you pay $8.00 for a Game of the Year?

Then get with me because I have over 100 more GIANT games at the same crazy price.

The ROOT TRUST is comprised of my five BEST clubs featuring my BIGGEST games designed to make you the most money! Super Games, Games of the Week, Games of the Month and Games of the Year… every Saturday and Sunday (Weekdays included)!

  1. MILLIONAIRES CLUB ($49 daily price): These winners are so obvious they get overlooked by everyone...But not by us!
  2. My NO LIMIT CLUB ($59 daily price): The dog is w-a-a-y overmatched. The public is chasing the false favorite - so you can bet all you want.
  3. My PERFECT PLAY ($69 daily price): Okay, so they don’t win every time. But they prove due diligence pays off!
  4. 4. My INNER CIRCLE ($79 daily price) comes from Private sources. Gift Games Galore!
  5. PINNACLE PLAYS ($99 daily price): Better than perfect! Game of the Month and Game of the Year plays!

There are 3 Ways to Win with the ROOT TRUST…

Order FIVE weeks of both Saturday (5 games) and Sunday (5 games) - for only $499 - includes Mon & Thu

Or Come in for the rest of the College and NFL season for only $899 - that’s 5 Weekends of 5 college games and 8 weekends of 5 NFL games each. And that includes the post-season!

  • All Bowl Games
  • BCS Championship Game, Monday Jan 9
  • The NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl 51

Add to Your Cart or call 1-877-ROOT-WINS (that’s 1-877-766-8946)
Or Call Direct or Text Me at 1-702-205-9800

ATTENTION SKEPTICS: The Sports Monitor of Oklahoma City – The Dun & Bradstreet of our industry – tracks all my top plays, and Wayne Root comes out on top every year. That’s why so many experts in and out of football are such boosters. It can’t be all hype, or a myth pulled out of thin air. It’s GOT to be 31 years of record-setting success

The Sports Monitor

GAMES POSTED Weekdays after 3:00pm(et) and Weekends after 10:30am(et).