Wayne Allyn Root - Wayne Root Millionaire Football ONE DAY

  • Wayne Root Millionaire Football ONE DAY $29.00
Wayne Root's NFL Playoff Game, Sunday

It's big time football AT IT'S FINEST!! This play comes down to IT DON'T MAKE SENSE! They don't give away free money in Vegas. If a play makes you feel all "warm and fuzzy", you normally have the wrong side. Don't fall for it. 75% of the public will probably bet the other side. GO CONTRARIAN AND WIN this game.
The Millionaire Club Football 60% Winners over the last 10 years…It’s not wishful thinking; it’s wishful DOING! The foundation of my handicapping success! However, despite the profitability of this club over the years, I’d rather offer the MILLIONAIRE CLUB at a street price instead of an elite price – so EVERYBODY can afford to get in on these moneymakers. You’re getting games that win like the PENTHOUSE but cost like a BARGAIN BASEMENT!

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