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Wayne Allyn Root, America's #1 Winner, with a new motto, a new motive and a new money management model.

What's better than winning? WINNING BIG.
What's better than winning big? WINNING OFTEN.
What's better than winning big and often? GETTING A LOT OF POINTS.
What's better than winning big, often and getting a lot of points?

Now you know what this is about and where YOU are headed. PROFITS!
And nobody - NOBODY - knows more about PROFITS than Wayne Allyn Root - I am backed by the documented history of ten of thousands of winners picked, released and cashed!
That's why I say winning is only the beginning. When you can pick winners like I do there's simply no limit. This year is the proof!

This is the year I make you a bigger winner than ever before. It's the mostambitious program I've ever launched. It comes in THREE parts - so you getmore games with more profit potential, more top plays, and more aggressive moneymanagement.

And if you're inspired enough to act on the good fortune I'm about to steer you to - and if you follow my new 3-part betting plan, you'll experience the three levels of money: Good, Better and Best!

I'm going to start you off with the Club that means what it says...The Millionaire's Club averaged 60% Winners over the last 10 years...Some years have been higher.
It's not wishful thinking; it's wishful DOING!

The foundation of my handicapping success! However, despite the profitability of this club over the years, I made a decision that I'd rather sell the MILLIONAIRE'S CLUB at a street price instead of an elite price - so EVERYBODY can afford to get in on these moneymakers. You're getting games that win like the PENTHOUSE but cost like a BARGAIN BASEMENT!

This year we've scored with:
S3: Auburn (+7½) over Clemson 13-19 W! - SEC/ACC Sept. Showdown
S10: BYU (+3½) Utah 19-20 W! - Interconference Rivalry Game
S11: Chargers (+6½) Chiefs  27-33 W! - AFC Opening Week Revenge

Nothing in this world is as good as DOGSTHAT WIN OUTRIGHT.
Cash a Season of Outright Upset Winners -Not just against the spread - but Paying Juicy Odds on the Money Line

Last year my Upset Club picked 107 dogs that beat the spread.
72 ALSO WON STRAIGHT UP. So you didn't need points!

The record says I pick outright upsets better than any handicapper that ever lived.
Since 2000, I have picked 1,118 outright upset winners - That's 69 a season and it's the world's record! And every one of them documented and monitored by the Sports Monitor. But if my dogs are THAT certain to win outright - why not bet them against the Money Line and get ODDS of $150, $200, $300 for a $100 bet that my customers collected on!

Already I've cashed these money line upset winners:
S3: Wisconsin (+10½) LSU WON 16-14 (+390 money line)
S4: Texas (+4½) over Notre Dame WON 50-47 (+155 money line)
S8: Broncos (+3) over Panthers WON 21-20 (+125 money line)

I am RESOLVED to make you every dollar possible. So on top of my Millionaire's Club & my Upset Club / Money Line, I'm giving you my Inner Circle Club that went 15-6-1 last year for 71.4%!

It was my top-performing club in '15. And the name doesn't refer to Vegas Insiders. It means looking deep inside the game itself - going behind ratings, rankings, polls and reputations to zero in on not-so-obvious slants and angles that clue hidden mismatches - so YOU can make the kind of money THIS year that my club members won last year.

My Inner Circle Club is off to a strong start...
S10: Washington St. (+10½) Boise State 28-31 W!
S10: Wake Forest (+6½) Duke 24-14 W!
S11: Jets (+1½) over Bengals 22-23 W!

These are the one-of-a-kind super games my elite players build their whole season around.  So we're not talking about occasional "sweeteners" but a steady week-by-week diet of my most powerful winners- all at no extra charge!

It's like a gourmet program at a cafeteria price!
A program built on big game upsets, TV shocker upsets in inter-conference games. Lookahead / letdown upsets. Bad flight upsets. Coaching mismatches. Style mismatches - the works! Game after game, you're getting built-in extra value unseen by the crowd.

Put it all together: The Best Games You Ever Played Check the lineup and start counting $$$!

  • THURSDAY PRIME TIME: I'll give you best that's on the boards
  • SATURDAY: Millionaire's Club -Plus Upset Club / Money Line game and Inner Circle Play
  • SUNDAY: Same deal as Saturday except it's NFL: Millionaire's Club -Plus Upset Club / Money Line game and Inner Circle Play

That's 6 to 8 games each and every week
It's like a gourmet program at a cafeteria price! AT THE LOWEST PRICE YOU EVER PAID!

You'll be averaging 6 to 8 highest-probability super bets games every week. Nothing this good has ever come down the pike at any price! I have set the price at only $499 - already an outstanding bargain - but since you missed the first two weeks, I'm setting the price at just $279!

I don't care about the size of your bankroll. I care about the size of your "intangibles." Intangibles often tell me who's going to win a football game - particularly an underdog that wasn't given a chance by the pundits. I never underestimate what a hungry underdog is capable of - particularly as I spent a lot of years being one myself!

I found my happy ending - well, call it a way station: I've still got miles to go. But how about you? Have you got some dreams you put away in mothballs that you don't want to think about - because you fear they'll never come true? My advice is, take them out and face them. Then give me a call or go online.

Because if you've got the hunger, I've got the games.

Wayne Allyn Root

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