Wayne Allyn Root - Wayne Root NFL Playoffs and Basketball

  • Wayne Root NFL Playoffs and Basketball $149.00

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Stash with Double Root Winners and Double Root Cash

Wayne Root Doubles Down in with Winners in BOTH Football & Basketball

  • You'll Get…The NFL Playoffs
    • Wild Card Jan. 7 & Jan. 8
    • Divisional Round Jan. 14 & Jan. 15
    • Conference Championship Jan. 22
    • Super Bowl LI Feb. 5
  • College Championship game on January 9
    Alabama vs. Clemson
  • Basketball Best Bets of the Day
  • ALL for Just $149

Play after play I know exactly which games are giving us our biggest edges – and so will you. With the percentages so heavily on your side, you can whack the line and get the money!

All Documented by The Sports Monitor

I’m going to be feeding you winners in two different sports, hand over fist and you’ll make that entry fee back before we’re even halfway through the first weekend! Then it’s all gravy!

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