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WAYNE ALLYN ROOT, Has picked more winners on TV and Radio than any other handicapper by spotting the edge between the real number and the betting number.
Wayne has won the NCAA Tournament 28 out of 31 times and he is about to do it again this year!


I've always said that March Madness is one of the great times of year to not only bet, but win. Tournament time is when amateurs are betting their alma mater or getting hung up on "Bracketology". With these kinds of alumni and regional die-hards, it's not about handicapping; it's about standing up for "their" college, "their" state or "their" region. With them it's not a wager; it's A LOYALTY OATH! They really don't know who can beat who. Edges this big and plentiful don't happen at any other time in any other sport!


My 19-6 record, starting in the First Four last Tuesday and Wednesday and going right up through Sunday speaks for itself. But it's actually better than that. What separates elite handicappers from amateurs is that we not only pick winners, we know our best games. The top play in my arsenal is my Pinnacle Play...and that went 4-0. Take a look at all the games released to my Pinnacle clients last week...

St. Mary's (-4.5) VCU 85-77 WON
Oklahoma State (+2.5) Michigan 91-92 WON
Wisconsin (+6) Villanova 65-52 WON
Michigan (+3.5) Louisville 73-69 WON

I'm sure you noticed that three of those four winners were underdog plays and two were outright upsets. I'm known in Las Vegas as The King of the Underdogs, so while everyone else reeled in shock over Wisconsin beating Villanova, I was again ahead of the curve and in the money. That win and these four games were just the best part of a week that was non-stop moneymaking.

Now I'm moving on to the Sweet 16 with all the bankroll that's been built up. I know which big names will be overpriced and by how much. I know which underdogs have more magic ahead of them and which ones just had enough for one big game. You can get all my plays on the NCAA Tournament, along with action on the NIT-CBI-CTI Tournaments, which go on nights the NCAA is off. I released three of these games last week and went 2-1 and again won my highest-rated game - Georgia Tech (+3) Indiana 75-63 - another outright upset winner for WAR.  I know you don't want to miss all the excitement ahead.

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