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Submitted by Wayne Allyn Root on Thursday, July 16, 2015 at 5:28 PM

Wayne Root: Ignore Media During "SEC Media Days"

Desperate to find something worth covering during the All-Star Break, the mainstream media has been devoting a lot of space to this week's "SEC Media Days" as they gear up for the 2015 College Football Season.

You've known me for years as THE KING OF LAS VEGAS. But, WAYNE ALLYN ROOT actually started his TV career for the SCORE network back in the early days of cable. Imagine an ESPN SportsCenter anchor who covered things from a handicapping perspective. I learned very quickly that most mainstream TV sports personalities and writers would have trouble surviving in Las Vegas. They don't REALLY understand sports!

You have to know what you're doing to survive in Vegas...and you have to be THE BEST at what you do to become THE KING OF LAS VEGAS!

So, keep that in mind when you read or watch coverage from down South. You should already be skeptical about it being called "Media" days. The media should never be the center of attention! You want to learn about the teams, rather than what the media is trying to emphasize as they "create" stories for the coming season.

It's funny, the SEC media makes a pick on the defending champion every summer. They've only been right five times in the last 23 years! It was four in 22 until they nailed Alabama in 2014. Though, that was a fairly obvious pick considering how loaded the Crimson Tide was. And, it's not like picking the standings is all that hard anyway given how stratified leagues are in the modern game. There are only a few teams who could really win...and there are a few teams at the bottom who are certain to struggle.

Here's a quick review of their picks last year...

SEC East
South Carolina (they actually finished FOURTH!)
Georgia (correct, though they didn't finish second to SC)
Florida (correct)
Missouri (won the East, for the second straight season!)
Tennessee (tied with South Carolina for fourth)
Vanderbilt (actually went 0-8 to finish last)
Kentucky (finished sixth with a 2-6 record ahead of Vandy)

South Carolina was a big disappointment...and the media made the same mistake for the second year in a row regarding Missouri. Southern writers still can't believe that a Big 12 team came in and embarrassed the SEC as a new member! They all love telling "old ball coach" stories about Steve Spurrier. Made them look bad.

SEC West
Alabama (easy pick that survived a loss to go 7-1 before winning title tilt)
Auburn (could only manage a .500 record in falling to 4-4)
LSU (tied with Auburn at 4-4)
Ole Miss (finished in third place at 5-3, leapfrogging Auburn and LSU)
Mississippi State (finished all the way up at #2!)
Texas A&M (good call)
Arkansas (correct, though Arkansas was actually a better team overall than most were projecting...the Hogs were stuck in a killer division in a killer conference)

So...the media "experts" misread Missouri in the East, and both Mississippi schools in the West. What was supposed to be a power base of Alabama/Auburn/South Carolina/Georgia instead saw unheralded upstarts grabbing most of the headlines.

If you tried to make money betting based on "media reporting," you took a BATH last year! Did you lose money on these teams?

*Auburn: 4-9 ATS in 2014
*Alabama: 5-9 ATS in 2014
*South Carolina: 5-8 ATS in 2014

Did you lose money fading these teams?
*Missouri: 9-5 ATS
*Mississippi State: 7-6 ATS
*Ole Miss: 7-5-1 ATS

Vegas oddsmakers stack the deck against the SEC anyway...which is why two of those "success" stories weren't too far over break even. The overrated teams really hurt square bankrolls. Squares listen to too much media hype!

I don't want to suggest that you should completely ignore all the media coverage. It can serve as a helpful reminder about quarterback changes...or important head coaching changes in other conferences. You'll generally be better served doing your own homework. The smart thing to do is to use media predictions as an "inverse" indicator. The media is telling you many of the teams who will be OVERRATED this season. That's likely to be true in the SEC this week...and then in other conferences through the summer.

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My experience as a reporter, handicapper, and political commentator have helped me understand both the positives and negatives of media. Be sure you're listening to the right information sources! It's time for you to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!