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Submitted by Wayne Allyn Root on Monday, October 27, 2014 at 8:39 AM


by Wayne Allyn Root
It was said here first throughout these Top 10 writings that Seattle was not last years team. Now with "Give Percy no Mercy" gone to the Jets and the Seahawks 0-2 the past 2 weeks, it's anyone's game. But, Seattle is still a great team and a dangerous team so they just need to get the chemistry back and rush the QB. Denver is playing just awesome and has a huge game Thursday against San Diego ( fresh off a "look-ahead" loss to the Chiefs.) The defense is helping Andrew Luck in Indianapolis and the Eagles are flying high. Meanwhile, Dallas is the surprise (except to WAR) team of the NFL and continue to win. There's a lot of football left but for Week #8, it's Denver at the top.
1) DENVER---Is Von Miller more important to the Broncos team than Peyton. No, but he's tearing up the offenses and has an NFL leading 8 sacks. The Bronco defense is more improved than the Broncos offense. Congrats to Peyton Manning for breaking Brett Farve's record of TD passes. The Broncos have a task ahead this week as they entertain the Chargers and are more than a TD favorite.
2) DALLAS---Another record is broken. In 1958, Jim Brown opened the season with 6 straight 100 yards+ of rushing and now that record belongs to Demarco Murray with 7 in a row. The Cowboys play hated division rival this week as the Redskins come into the Jerry Jones house with a 3rd string Colt McCoy QB and some missing defensive pieces. Cowboys need to stay injured free.
3) PHILADELPHIA---It is said that looking back to Championship teams, TO's and special teams were a major part of their success. Of the 21 TD's the Eagles have this season, 7 have come from that route. This week off a bye, Philly is heading to the desert to play Arizona and should be a "live" underdog getting 2.5 points. But Carson palmer may have other thoughts. It will be a good game.
4) INDIANAPOLIS---Andrew Luck has the offense on fire. In the past, it had to be Luck outscoring the other team to win in high scoring affairs. But when and where did this defense come from. In the past 5 weeks, the Colts defense has stopped the opposition on 3rd down 43 of 51 attempts. Both sides of the ball are crushing the opponents. They travel to play the Steelers this week and see if Ben R can complete a 3rd down play.
5) ARIZONA---They sit at the top of the NFC West. Who would have thought they'd be ahead of Seattle and San Francisco? Carson Palmer is back and for those not scoring; he's 10-2 in his past 12 starts to go with a fantastic defense. With his wide outs, they could go a long way so don't count these guys out. They may be the real deal.
6) GREEN BAY---The Pack seems to never leave so it's hard to say, "The Pack is Back" (as long as Aaron Rodgers is there). With four straight games with 3 touchdowns and no INT's, he gets to break that record this week in New Orleans. It shouldn't be that hard as the Saints defense is ranked 29th in defensive efficiency.
7) BALTIMORE---The Ravens destroyed the Falcons last week by 22 points. Their margin of victory is the NFL's highest at 12.7. This week they may have revenge on their mind from week 1 as they play a team that has a chance to go winless in October in Cincinnati. Something has to give in terms of streaks.
8) NEW ENGLAND---The Patriots beat the Jets last Thursday and have had a much needed 10 day break. They play Chicago this week. Brady is 3-0 against them and Chicago couldn't wait to leave town after a 0-3 home start in home games. What will give as the Pats are 7 point favorite? The word from the locker room is the Bears players "detest" Jay Cutler. After reviewing Cutler sacks etc. it is noticed that his teammates will not offer a hand to pick him off the ground. Maybe the locker room gossip is true. For now, bad chemistry.
9) SAN DIEGO---Check out the Thursday Night Headline: Philip Rivers No. 2-ranked QBR and 5-2 record vs. Peyton Manning No. 1 QBR and a 5-1 record. What a game if all goes to the headlines. Too bad the Chargers are off a loss, or maybe that's how to defeat a great Bronco team. We'll see as the Oddsmakers are offering +7.5 points.
10) DETROIT---The Lions are doing things right with their defense. Last week's 4th quarter against Drew Brees and his Saints were one for the Brees record books. The stopped him and, after it was over, Brees was 0-10 in passing with 1 INT and blew a 2 TD lead and takes another road loss.
11) SEATTLE---They are 3-3 but not for long. All they need is a pass rush where they rank last in the NFL.
12) SAN FRANCISCO---Another 3-loss team that needs some in house chemistry. Less injuries on the defense will also help.
13) CINCINNATI---Not winning a game in October? The pressure is on this week vs Baltimore this week.
14) KANSAS CITY---They should go from 3-3 to 5-3 with the Rams and Jets up next.
15) PITTSBURGH---Thanks for those last 3 minutes Monday night in the first half.