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Submitted by Wayne Allyn Root on Thursday, September 10, 2015 at 12:00 AM


This poll will surely change as the upsets and QB injuries take a toll throughout the long grueling season. Some injuries to the starters are pre-existing while others will be random during the game type. As for the off season trades and rookie starters, we have to wait and see if the chemistry and talent makes the sudden impact that the coaches are counting upon. One thing we can all say; Thank God that NFL is starting!!
1) NEW ENGLAND---I'm not a Pats fan this year. I think they are inferior to last year's team. But you have to put the Super Bowl champs at the top to start the season, until proven otherwise. No wonder the opponents of the Patriots would have preferred Brady remain under suspension. Brady is 89% winner verses Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Jags and the Cowboys in his career-those are the first 4 opponents they should have faced without Brady. The Pats will meet an all-around much improved division as the Jets, Bills and Dolphins have allk upgraded- especially on the defensive side of the ball. Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner departures may be more than the Patriots secondary can stand.
2) SEATTLE---The Seahawks are finding out how hard it is to keep a Championship caliber team together. Most of the dirty part of this business is done, so now it's time to get dirty on the field. They will be tested right out of the box with a team that can give them fits, the St Louis Rams. The shot in the arm in the way of TE Jimmy Graham could be better than expected. Kam Chancellor not honoring his contract is outrageous. Isn't that why you sign a contract? Don't you have to honor it? Not anymore.
3) GREEN BAY PACKERS---The Packers should at least start this season off 1-0. They play Jay Cutler on the road and are 11-1 (straight up) all time against his Bears. Watch to see the impact an injured and out Jordie Nelson has on the Packers. Eddie Lacy will be all that Rodgers needs as a go-to guy or decoy. The Packers have the bulls-eye on their backs again this season in the NFC.
4) INDIANAPOLIS---The Colts need to learn how to win these non-conference road games in order to measure how they stand against the elite teams of the NFL. They get one right off the bat as they travel to meet a great defensive team in Buffalo. Luck is in a weak division, so this non division game is a game to zero in on. Hopefully, Frank Gore helps take the load off some of the younger backs. Andre Johnson may have a few catches up his sleeve. The offensive line has been refit to make sure the future QB playing is not injured. 
5) DALLAS---The Cowboys did it all last year during the regular season. They were 8-0 on the road. They were 12-4 over-all. They have the great QB. He has the best offensive line (maybe in NFL history). They have a committee of running backs. They have a happy Dez Bryant. What could possibly go wrong? They better not over-look the NY Giants in game 1 on National TV Sunday Night! Randy Gregory needs to intimidate the opposing QB's with some multi-sack games for the next month Then Greg Hardy returns from suspension. 
6) PHILADELPHIA---Watch for Chip Kelly to come out of the box with "flank" speed on their MNF debut against Atlanta. The Eagles have a new QB that fits Kelly's system perfectly and 3 running backs that are outstanding to run in and out- led by DeMarco Murray. Let's hope that Sam Bradford has a season without injuries so we can see just how good he really is. Jordan Mathews will be an impact player in his 2nd year.
7) DENVER---It will be very interesting to see who has more "impact" on the Broncos offense- Gary Kubiak or Peyton Manning. At 39 and rapidly aging, will Manning play out his last year handing off the ball? Remember that his passes have a higher arch to them. Not a line drive bullet from the past. Look for a lot of CJ Anderson handoffs while the O-Line is being rebuilt. Manning threw 12 interceptions over his last 10 games to finish 2014. He needs his offensive line to give him 3.3 seconds of protection and that revamped line will be tested. 
8) PITTSBURGH---Ben Roethlisberger was sacked 75 times over the past 2 seasons. That will make a QB grow old fast! But his offense still set records for points scored last season. The formerly great Steel Curtain defense lost Troy Palomalo to retirement, as well as a major shakeup in the secondary. But Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell (out 2 games) will make you forget about their average defense. It's very possible the Steelers will be 0-1 before you finish reading this Top 10. 
9) BALTIMORE---Watch for Joe Flacco to manage a vanilla offense this season. The Ravens spent all that money on him and are lacking the tools to make their offense good. He has a 36 year old and a rookie starting at wide receiver. His top 3 tight ends have to be great blockers for the running backs, as they have 10 career receptions in total. Steve Smith is old with a capital "O". The defense however can keep this team in he Super Bowl hunt. The good thing is their coach, John Harbaugh. They are on the road at Denver for week 1. 
10) ARIZONA---A healthy Carson Palmer and an incredible defense will get you into this years Top 10. Last season, Palmer started out 6-0 and then got hurt. Then they upped the ante to 9-0 and their back-up got hurt. They play at home against New Orleans to open the season. The best thing about the Cardinals is their ability to create turn-overs. Especially in the 4th quarter.