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Submitted by Wayne Allyn Root on Thursday, September 17, 2015 at 5:48 PM




As for our TOP 10 this week, some teams can lose a game and remain (Seattle) in our poll while other teams can falter and fall from Mr. Root's grace (think Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Baltimore and Pittsburgh). We get to see how San Francisco, Miami, St Louis and Atlanta follow up with their week 1 successes. Ok let's add this, we're always curious about the J-E-T-S so include them as they play the 0-1 Colts on MNF. Newcomer on the block curiosity has to be Marcus Mariota and his four 1st half touchdown passes. Hopefully he is another "star to be" in this quarterback driven league. Wayne's "game ball" definitely goes to this young man. On the opposing side is a defeat that goes into to the "where were the Vikings" Monday night? AP stunk!! (amongst many things about him).

1) NEW ENGLAND---The Patriots did all that was expected in game 1 by defeating the Steelers again for the umpteen time. They were sky high after defeating Commissioner Goodell and deflategate opening week. They unveiled the Championship banner to their loyalists. And they screwed up the Steelers coaches headsets just to let absentee Goodell know there's still more investigation to follow. Things are back to normal in Foxboro. This week will be a preview of what two great AFC teams bring to the AFC conference table. New England plays at Buffalo where they are 9-2 ATS. Could this be the year where the Bills prevail? The Bills lost this home game a year ago 37-22. Gronk is back and still an animal!!

2) GREEN BAY---This is the top NFC team at this time and showed why as they beat a newly lead John Fox Chicago Bears team on the road. Do they get a moments rest where we see that the Packers have won 9 straight games at home? Maybe not. Seattle is next and is looking for blood and does not want to fall to 0-2. The Pack opened at -3.5 but according to the Seahawks, Seattle is not worried as they have defeated Green Bay three straight times.

3) DALLAS---Let's don't get too crazy about Tony Romo having another record 4th quarter comeback. First of all, why did they need the miracle to begin with in the last 30 seconds? Secondly, Eli Manning and the Giants and the coaching staff and the water boy all mis-managed the clock so badly that Robert Ingorsol, the founder of Timex watches, rolled over in his grave 10 times in the last 60 seconds. Managed correctly, the Cowboys should have had the ball on their own 1 yard line with 17 seconds forced to travel 99 yards without the Dez. Dez Bryant is down and out now for 6 weeks. (unless Dr. Jerry Jones says PLAY NOW) They get no bargain this week as they play an 0-1 ticked off Philadelphia team....on the a 5.5 point underdog. Coach Garrett and Tony Romo need to get creative this week!! Maybe they should check out the Atlanta Falcons film.

4) SEATTLE---The good news is that Russell Wilson does what he does worst and gets to put it behind him. Incredibly, he's 1-3 in his young career against the St Louis Rams. Against the other NFL teams, he's 78% winner at 35-10. And 3-0 in his last three start verses his next opponent; the Packers. But life may not be so easy for the Seahawks at this stage. Wilson is not an elite QB. Lynch is just above average. It may be themselves or it may be that their poor offensive line makes them look just Ok. What would Wilson be if he was the Tamp Bay starter? Back to this upcoming game, the Seahawks were behind 16-0 at halftime and 19-7 with 4 minutes to play in their last meeting with Green Bay but pulled out a miracle. Is it revenge time for the Packers or a must win game for the Seahawks? An 0-2 start is a difficult beginning when San Fran, St Louis and Arizona all won. What a dilemma for Pete Carroll.

5) DENVER---The Broncos played a decent game against the Baltimore Ravens at home as Manning managed the game properly. long will Manning continue to play poorly himself? In his last 4 games, he his just 59% completion while throwing 3 TD's but adding 5 INT's to his resume. His 32.2 QBR says he should refund some contract money for his "dead" arm. As the season proceeds, he may be a detriment. In the meanwhile, the Broncos get the short week but have to play in Arrowhead as a 3 pt underdog to the Chiefs on Thursday. Can't wait to see what Elway may be forced to do.

6) BUFFALO---Sexy Rexy Ryan can sure coach a defense that was already there when he takes over. They were and are the best in the NFL. Since 2013, the "Buffalo Bully's" defense has lead the league with 44 interceptions and 113 sacks. They didn't miss a beat in game 1 as Andrew Luck had no luck at Ralph Wilson Stadium. The Bills have the best fans anywhere and are currently tailgating and waiting in the parking lot as we write ready to do their part this week against New England. Is this the year where they FINALLY beat Brady at home for their fans? Can't wait to see if Tyrod Taylor is going to be "explosive". Trivia Time: Tyrod Taylor did not start as quarterback last week. A very smart Rex Ryan had him start at wide receiver to calm the nerves for his first play of the game. Matt Cassell started the first play, handed to ball to Sean McCoy who went for a six yard loss. Cassell may never be seen again as Taylor took over and the rest is his future.

7) ARIZONA---Please let the Phoenix rise again against a 4th quarter setting sun and bless Carson Palmer with continued health. Their team is so good with him at the helm that there may be another 9-0 start in their future. Is their anyone better in the 4th quarter than Carson Palmer (maybe Romo)? Palmer (again) lead the Cardinals to two 4th quarter touchdowns against the Saints last week. FYI: Palmer has an 88 total QBR in the 4th quarter which is the best in the entire NFL the past 2 seasons. We'll see how it's done on the road this week as his team is up against an 0-1 Bears team playing their 2nd game in a row at home.

8) CINCINNATI---We can keep the Bengals in the Top 10 for the entire regular season and then send them golfing after their first playoff game. It is hard to get a correct reading at this stage as they crushed the Raiders in week 1 with the Raiders losing their starting QB during the game. Now it's back home where they meet a very good San Diego team so it looks like week 2 will show the AFC what the Bengals bring to the gridiron. Write this name down and see if Andy Dalton continues to target Tyler Eifert. His new approach is to balance his passes to his tight ends and not go to his number 1 in AJ Green everytime. As stated prior, we'll see if the Chargers have a say against Cincinnati.

9) KANSAS CITY---It seems like just last year, Alex Smith held off throwing a touchdown to a wide receiver until week 10 or so. He's at it again as no wide receiver needed to catch a TD pass for his Chief's team to win on the road against the defense minded Houston Texans. Alex Smith is that good. Let's also throw in coach Andy Reid. Against one of the best defenses in the NFL, Smith managed to go 13 of 16 for 164 yards along with 3 TD's. Incredible. He just throws to his running backs and tight ends and simply manages the Chiefs gameplan. Seems like a great formula. Who knows, they may even defeat the Denver Broncos with that style this Thursday night at home. They play well in Arrowhead.

10) SAN DIEGO---Is Philips Rivers on fire or what? He is paid like the best or second best QB in the league. Sometimes after getting a great contract, there is "the letdown". Consider what Rivers did in the 2nd half of the game against the Detroit Lions. Rivers was 21 of 23 for 250 yards. Two of those completions were for touchdowns. That's an incredible 2nd half when it comes to needing to produce like an elite NFL QB. The Chargers are on the road this week as they put Cincinnati to test as an 3.5 underdog. Should be a shoot-out as Rivers is matched up against Andy Dalton. They might need 2 score people in the booth to keep up with the touchdowns.