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Submitted by Wayne Allyn Root on Friday, October 17, 2014 at 10:20 AM


by Wayne Allyn Root
For week #7, let's re-group and step away from the Seattle Seahawks. Maybe chemistry was replaced with cockiness. Maybe extra practice is now called extra interviews. They're a great team and they have the remainder of the season to prove it. Denver has played the best and the Dallas Cowboys are making a fast track to the top. Excuse my bragging- but I was the only football expert in America who saw this coming. I predicted Dallas would shock the critics and doubters with a much improved D and perhaps the most unstoppable offense in the NFL. People laughed. Look who's smiling now! San Diego showed it can rally on the road and the Eagles are back in many professional's good graces. After-all, they could be undefeated as their only loss was a stranded 3 feet of real estate needed to defeat San Francisco a few weeks back. The rest of the Top 10 teams need to begin their countdown, get serious and avoid "bad losses" against inferior opponents. Those will not be forgiven and it will show in their standings and possibly keep some teams out of the playoffs all together. (Think Detroit Lions, 2013, games 15 and 16).
1) DENVER---Peyton, Demaryius and Julius. They struggled somewhat last week in New York but still had a win and cover. The MGM Sports Book Director kicked a hole in the wall during the final minutes after that Pick 6 from Geno. This week, it's a real game and on NBC-TV against a great defense and an ever improving run first offense in the San Francisco 49ers.
2) SAN DIEGO---We might have to give the MVP game ball to Philip Rivers thru the first 6 weeks. His team would never in a million years be sitting at 5-1. Yes they had a road comeback win at Oakland but that was a rivalry game so those things happen. The AFC West is filled with these type of heated matches and another one is this week as the Chargers host Kansas City Chiefs.
3) DALLAS COWBOYS---There are folks that haven't watched a football game in years that are now claiming to be huge Cowboy fans. They don't know the difference between a chuck wagon and a bandwagon. But America is "OK" with that. What a "clutch" throw from Tony Romo on 4th and 20. A great win for "America's Team". Now, put away the six-shooter so you don't shoot yourself in the foot Cowboy players. You have a division game against the New York Giants.
4) PHILADELPHIA---Chip Kelly runs everything fast. At the team photo shoot Monday, (where the Raiders took 3 hours), Coach Kelly set a record at 4 minutes and 40 seconds. One of his more proud moments. Speaking of fast, the Eagles soared high and fast as they dominated the Giants. They get a fast 2 weeks off to decide between a Nick Foles good passing game or LeSean McCoy's 149 yards of rushing from Sunday. And they hope Darren Sproles heals fast!
5) SEATTLE---This may be a "bad" loss for Seattle. Russell Wilson lost for just the second time at home in his career. He was less than 50% on his passes and no touchdowns. But defensively, some blame has to come down on those cocky guys in the secondary. It was 4th and 20 for all the marbles....not a usual Seahawk result as the pass was completed for a first down. Now the hard part, back to back road games; ouch! Thru the first six weeks, the Seahawks have played #'s 1,2 and 3 (Denver, San Diego and Dallas) and ended with an OT win, a loss and a loss. Tuff schedule to say the least. Same story as past SB winners…It aint easy to repeat.
6) ARIZONA---The Cardinals are sitting on top of the NFL's most difficult division. And without their starting quarterback. The won and somehow covered against Washington and now the travel to play Oakland. This team has chemistry and a will to prove that they should not have been left out of the playoffs last year. They have taken matters into their own hands.
7) SAN FRANCISCO---This is the third team in the top 10 from the NFC West. San Francisco turned it on in the second half of the Monday night game crushing the Rams after trailing by 14 points in the 2nd quarter. They are a "run first" offense team and now that Gore is averaging 5 ypc, Kaepernick can count on the running game and balance it with his passing and running ability. The 49ers have a great defense and will get even better when some of their injured pieces start returning in time for the stretch run.
8) GREEN BAY---Is a 15 to 1 ratio any good? When it's 15 TD's to 1 INT's as in Aaron Rodgers we think it's incredible. They did what championship teams do last Sunday: Win a game they shouldn't have and steal a game one the road. They accomplished both at Miami and left town like the mouse that caught the cat. Now it's time to host the Carolina Panthers and try to stop Cam Newton.
9) INDIANAPOLIS---It was a game that they were supposed to lose. It was for first place in their division. It was on the road and on Primetime Thursday. The Colts looked great defeating Houston Texans despite the tremendous effort of MVP candidate JJ Watt. All night long it was Luck to TY Hilton. When the dust cleared, Hilton had a career night of 223 receiving yards and Andrew Luck was a perfect 9 for 9 in passes to him. Now they entertain a wounded Cincinnati Bengal team.
10) NEW ENGLAND---Tom Brady has had vintage back to back games against Cincinnati and Buffalo. Throughout his career, he's had Hall-of-Fame games in Ralph Wilson Stadium. In a one score deciding game, Brady had a 3rd and 16 and he made it by 1 yard. He then put the game out of reach the next play with a TD finishing the Bills off 37-22. The only games that count in this division are this week when the Pats host Rex and the Jets this Thursday. I really think that if Ryan ended the season 2-14, but the 2 wins were against New England, he would feel like he's had a great season. Should be a war in New England!