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Submitted by Wayne Allyn Root on Wednesday, October 8, 2014 at 7:47 PM


So far, it's been about last year's Super Bowl teams; Seattle and Denver. San Diego and Dallas may have been somewhat of a surprise after 5 weeks of play. Both are 4-1 and are on the road this week. Cincinnati caught New England in a bad spot and got thrashed and Green Bay goes to play where the Pats have already lost; in Miami. San Francisco has the "key" gameon Monday Night as they visit St Louis. No telling what's going on inside the lockerroom of the 49ers. One of the most disappointing losses (of 5 games) last week was in Detroit as Buffalo stole one from the Lions.
1) SEATTLE---The NFL is in trouble. We know the Seahawks can win at home. Now we know they can win and cover on the road, even if it's in the final 30 seconds of the game. Russell Wilson put on a running clinic on Monday Night against Washington. Now it's home sweet home where the Cowboys look to roam as an 8 underdog to the Seahawks.
2) DENVER---This was a great bounce back win for the Broncos after having their guts churning for two weeks following the Seahawks "almost win" and then their bye-week. It's Peyton Manning to Demaryius Thomas as Denver fly's high to New York to play the J-E-T-S. We'll see how they perform on the road again as a 7.5 favorite.
3) SAN DIEGO---The Chargers are a solid 4-1 and except for a few point at Arizona could be the only undefeated team in the NFL. Philip Rivers is reaching the pinnacle of the passing game. The Charger defense scored that "rare" shutout and blanked the NY Jets. These guys are for real and head off to the hated Oakland Raiders.
4) CINCINNATI---Want to know the recipe for disaster? Hit the road against a team that was embarrassed the prior week and convert ZERO 3rd downs for the entire game. Now it's your turn to come off an embarrassing loss as you are at home against Carolina. Seems fair enough with the "on any given Sunday" NFL.
5) PHILADELPHIA---This season the Eagles are living positively by the turn-overs and take-a-way's. But last week it almost came back and bit them as they tried to blow a 27 point lead the Rams. I like Chip Kelly's offense but it is so fast that the defense is on the field to long. They rank #28 in both pass defense and run defense. That may get them thru the NFC East but it won't get them thru the playoffs. And with Dallas at 4-1 and the Giants winning 3 straight, that may not even keep them on the top in their own division.
6) DALLAS---America's team is ON FIRE!! The Cowboys are on a 4 game winning streak and the bandwagons are filling up fast with old Cowboy fans jumping onboard. They have a great offensive line for DeMarco Murray to run thru. It also give Tony Romo an extra 1.5 second to pass. Murray joins OJ and Jim Brown as the only 3 players to open up the season with 5 straight 100+ yards of rushing. That must make Papa Jerry so proud. Now if they can pull out the upset of the season this week vs Seattle on the road.
7) GREEN BAY---Aaron Rodgers can throw and Eddie Lacy can run. They have had lots of rest since the blowout against the Vikings last Thursday night. They dominated in every facet. This week, they should find out how close they are to really playing well as they will be tested in Miami. A team off their London win and a bye week. The Packers need to remember that the Dolphins have already defeated New England at home.
8) SAN FRANCISCO---The 49ers played well enough to win against Kansas City. So is the question that great teams find a way to win and does the make San Fran great, or that San Francisco played a poor game and squeaked by to victory? At 3-2, this week will tell us a lot about the on and off the field 49ers. They play on Monday Night, on the road, against division foe St Louis Rams. Frank Gore should run for 150+ yards on paper against #30 against the run Rams. Now let's see him do it on the field against a Jim Fisher coached team.
9) INDIANAPOLIS---Luck is on fire. Last week against the Ravens, he was 8 of 9 for 129 yards in the 4th quarter alone!! And if that wasn't enough, he was a perfect 4-of-4 for 107 yards on throws of at least 15 yards or longer. Now the first round of the home and home AFC South series championship is this week as they find themselves headed to play defensive minded Houston Texans to see who sits on top after week #6.
10) ARIZONA---The Cardinals would have liked to go into Denver without having to do it off their bye week. The Cards defense kept the game close for awhile but when in Denver and against Manning, you must score to win, not just keep it close. The Cardinals are back to the desert to play Washington, who will show up and give them a great test.
11) NEW ENGLAND----Brady is declining but we'll wait for more judgement after playing Buffalo this week.
12) NEW YORK GIANTS---Won 3 games in a row. Impressive. But this one is the most important at Philly.
13) BALTIMORE---This team is fickle. Win, lose and then win and then lose. Bad "D"!
14) DETROIT---It was defense and discipline for the first 4 games. Then the Bills came in and stole one.
15) PITTSBURGH---No one has thrown the long ball better than Ben R this year. He's connected on 56% of throws at least 15 yards downfield. GO DEEP!