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Submitted by Wayne Allyn Root on Monday, October 12, 2015 at 9:44 AM

Wayne Root: USC Football Program Imploding

Late Sunday afternoon Las Vegas time, all sorts of stories and rumors started hitting the mainstream media regarding USC, head coach Steve Sarkisian, and Athletic Director Pat Haden. Regardless of what one feels personally about the issue of alcoholism, it's clear that there are many skeletons in the Cardinal and Gold Castle!

*Many anonymous sources were ready to throw both the head coach and the AD under the bus immediately. This wasn't a "rally 'round the flag" moment. Former players, former assistants, boosters, an amazing variety of critics were quick to throw gasoline onto the fire. Apparently issues have been festering for awhile behind a few different scenes.

*It's obvious many players don't respect the head coach. You could almost deduce that from how little spirit the team showed this past Thursday in an embarrassing home loss to Washington. Players were out for themselves. Cliques were apparent. THERE'S SO MUCH TALENT ON THIS TEAM! Yet, when push came to shove...they couldn't come together to win straight up as a 17-point favorite.

*What's also been obvious is that not everyone is on the same page. There were a lot of head scratcher plays during Thursday's was the case in that bad home defeat to Stanford a few weeks ago. Even the win at ASU wasn't as impressive as it seemed on the scoreboard because the Sun Devils kept handing away points. USC had individuals who could make great plays...but the team itself wasn't performing as a unit.

Hey, the Trojans are still 3-2 with winnable games left. And, two losses might still win the competitive Pac 12 South by way of a tie-breaker (USC still has a chance to knock off Utah and UCLA). The season is far from Over! But, late Sunday's developments (and all the influences that caused them!) couldn't have come at a worse possible time. Look at what's ahead the next few weeks.

Saturday: at #14 Notre Dame (who might be better than that ranking)
October 24: vs. #4 Utah (who might not be that good, but is still strong)
October 31: at #23 California (will be fired up to host the Trojans)

That could very easily cause a 3-2 start to turn into 3-5. Then the Trojans will be looking at season enders at Oregon and at home vs. UCLA just to become bowl eligible.

You longtime readers know I follow the Pac 12 very closely...and all Los Angeles teams very closely because Las Vegas is a virtual suburb of Los Angeles. I can't say I was surprised by some of what everyone has been hearing. That's why it's important to have great sources! My challenge now is to anticipate what's ahead. If USC has imploded, then they will be absolutely routed by Notre Dame this week...and will be in serious trouble against Utah and Cal. On the other hand...the cat's out of the bag in terms of market knowledge...and nobody wants to bet the Trojans!

*That could create great line value if the players do NOW start to rally around the flag and play with an "us against the world" mentality. Remember...there IS great talent here. All the drama could be a unifying catalyst.

*That could also create UPSET POTENTIAL because of the talent, the potential attitude change, and the reality that opponents won't be taking the game as seriously as they should. Favorites who get overconfident are primed for an upset. I've been telling you that and showing you that for years. And...we just saw this happen in the Oklahoma/Texas game! Texas was imploding the prior week. Oklahoma figured they could win without showing up. UPSET! Texas isn't imploding any more and now negativity surrounds the team that couldn't beat Texas.

So...don't assume the worst for USC. Plays that "don't make sense" are often the best plays on the board because swimming upstream is so profitable in sports betting. I'll definitely be working very hard this week to pin down the best choices for my clients in the Pac 12 and across the college football landscape. I'll take more about this league in a couple of days to get you ready for the UCLA/Stanford game Thursday night.

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