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Submitted by Wayne Allyn Root on Monday, October 26, 2015 at 11:23 AM

Wayne Root: Meet the Mets...Gotham Goes to the World Series!

My old stomping grounds have caught baseball fever again. Old timers say the feel is similar to the Miracle Mets of '69 because this was such a surprise run to the World Series. Nobody expected the Mets to even win their division let alone the whole National League. Early on it was going to be Washington...or the LA Dodgers...or St. Louis. Then, late in the season, all the statheads were saying the Cubs and Pirates were the best two teams.

Well, let me tell you...pitching wins championships! And the Mets staff completely shut down the October offenses of Chicago and Los Angeles after leaving Washington in the dust this summer. The franchise put together a potent offense once it was clear they would contend. They are the legitimate champions of the senior circuit. They just SWEPT the Cubs in four straight games!

Let me talk about that starting pitching for a second. Here are the postseason stats for the four men who have made starts...

Jacob deGrom: 1.80 ERA, 1.00 WHIP, 27 strikeouts in 20 innings
Noah Syndegaard: 2.77 ERA, 1.08 WHIP, 20 strikeouts in 13 innings
Matt Harvey: 2.84 ERA, 1.18 WHIP, 16 strikeouts in 12.2 innings
Steven Matz: 3.72 ERA, 1.45 WHIP, 8 strikeouts in 9.2 innings

Matz doesn't measure up...but he's not likely to be a prominent arm in the World Series. Those first three guys are very difficult to make contact against in the best of times. Cool (or cold) October temperatures might make it even tougher to do damage against them. Even if you adjust for having to face a Designated Hitter in a few games...New York's starters are positioned to control their own destiny in this series better than the Royals' starters are.

Offense? I think Daniel Murphy just hit another home run as I was typing the last paragraph! This team was much more potent than many bettors (and almost everyone in the mainstream media) realized entering the postseason. They play their home games in a pitcher's park, which makes it tough to compile great stats. And, the offense did have some struggles before stretch drive upgrades. But, once the pieces were in place...this offense lit up the scoreboard.

You were watching football so you missed it! Cubs fans sure didn't miss it last week. New York scored 21 runs over the four games...reaching at least four runs every time. Put that in front of great starting pitching and you're a locomotive that can't be stopped.

The betting markets aren't pricing the Mets as a locomotive though. As I write this the series price is only New York -115 over Kansas City. Why so low?

*Kansas City has home field advantage over the best-of-seven
*Kansas City has more recent playoff experience (a WS team last year too)
*Kansas City has a fantastic bullpen, which might counteract the Mets starters
*Kansas City is seen as having a motivational edge after having lost in last October's Fall Classic

And, I should add in that the Mets are only -115 because oddsmakers and the general public don't realize how good this offense is. They could still lose the series...but if the media had been reporting on the offense more accurately...the Mets would have been at least -130.

Normally WAYNE ALLYN ROOT is looking to make an upset call. With a series price so close to pick-em, you can't really do that here. Will I be rooting for the Mets the whole way? Or, will I be advising my clients to bet against them? a New Yorker (born in Mt. Vernon as a true S.O.B., son of a butcher!) the fan in me will be pulling for the Mets to go the distance. I remember what past championships have been like and it would be great for the city to pop the corks on some new bottles of champagne. The gambler in me has no allegiances! I'll put my clients on the sides or totals that make the most sense. In games where the Royals offer value...that's who we'll bet.

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Enjoy the World Series! We'll be talking football later this week when we next get together. Thanks to everyone who won both PINNACLE plays this past weekend with me. On Saturday, that was Georgia Tech (+7) outright over Florida State. Sunday, Tennessee (+6) hung tough with Atlanta all day, covering the spread thanks to a stalwart defensive effort. Other winners on our 70% weekend included USC and Ole Miss in their blowouts of Utah and Texas A&M respectively, Vanderbilt in its upset of Missouri, the Kansas City Chiefs in their victory over Pittsburgh, and Oakland in its stunning blowout of San Diego.

THE KING OF LAS VEGAS is hot again! That means it's time for YOU to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!