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Submitted by Wayne Allyn Root on Monday, November 2, 2015 at 11:30 AM

Wayne Root: November's College Schedule is LOADED

We're coming off a couple of weekends where there were very few truly crucial games in college football. That's going to change in November, when the top teams finally start playing each other!

This is going to create some great opportunities for big upset calls.

*Backing fired up, talented dogs in big games vs. "public" favorites
*Fading distracted favorites in look-ahead games the week before
*Fading worn out favorites in letdown games the week after

We'll talk more about that through the month. For now, here's a quick outline of the big matchups coming up in the top conferences. I'll go in alphabetical order…

Temple is in great shape in the East with a 4-0 record. They almost shocked Notre Dame this past Saturday night…and are favored to hold onto the division. There are currently THREE undefeated teams in the West (Houston, Memphis, and Navy). Those three will be facing each other soon…and one also runs into Temple…

Saturday: Navy at Memphis
November 14: Memphis at Houston
November 21: Memphis at Temple
November 27: Navy at Houston

This conference is starting to get respect in the polls. And, judging from a Memphis win over Ole Miss, Saturday's Houston blowout of Vanderbilt, and that near-miss for Temple against ND…that respect is justified. Some quality football being played here…

Clemson and Florida State are once again the class of the Atlantic Division. They'll play this Saturday. North Carolina, Pittsburgh, and Duke will fight it out for the Coastal. North Carolina just beat Pitt, and has Duke in a few days.

Saturday: Florida State at Clemson
Saturday: Duke at North Carolina
November 14: Pittsburgh at Duke

The winner of FSU/Clemson will be favored in the eventual ACC Championship game. Clemson can make a very strong case for playing in the national Final Four if they can beat FSU and keep winning.

BIG 12
We have a four-way race featuring preseason co-favorites TCU and Baylor as well as Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. None have played each other yet! They're about to…

Saturday: TCU at Oklahoma State
November 14: Oklahoma at Baylor
November 21: Baylor at Oklahoma State
November 21: TCU at Oklahoma
November 27: Baylor at TCU
November 28: Oklahoma at Oklahoma State

Oklahoma was upset by Texas recently, but has looked great since then. If anybody sweeps the month, they'll be in great shape for a Final Four berth. If everyone beats up each other, it could keep the Big 12 out of the brackets for the second straight season.

BIG 10
In the East, Ohio State and Michigan State are still undefeated at 4-0. Michigan has a chance to crash the party if they can upset Ohio State, even though they blew the MSU game. Penn State is technically still alive at 4-1…but I'm leaving them out as a serious contender because respected Power Ratings have them well below the leaders in team quality. Over in the West, Iowa is a virtual lock because they're clear of the field and own a tie-breaker over Wisconsin thanks to their heads-up win.

November 21: Michigan State at Ohio State
November 28: Ohio State at Michigan

A crime that Ohio State didn't have to face a true danger team until just before Thanksgiving! They've been busy creating their own danger.

In the East, both Marshall and Western Kentucky are 5-0. They're on track to play each other for the divisional crown. Same story in the West with Louisiana Tech and Southern Miss both currently at 4-1.

November 27: Marshall at Western Kentucky
November 28: Southern Miss at Louisiana Tech

Barring surprises…that's a virtual tournament…with those games being the league semifinals, and the winners playing for the conference crown in early December.

PAC 12
Stanford has the North wrapped up unless they collapse. The South is still up for grabs between Utah (4-1), UCLA (4-1), and USC (3-2). The Trojans look to be the best of the trio, but losses to Stanford and Washington from the North have hurt badly. They did beat Utah two Saturdays ago…and would win a three-way tie if they beat UCLA and UCLA beats Utah.

November 21: UCLA at Utah
November 28: UCLA at USC
November 28: Notre Dame at Stanford

I included that Notre Dame/Stanford game because it could loom very large in the Final Four picture. Both have one-loss now. Should either win out…they'll have a resume that has to be respected. It's not a Pac 12 game because Notre Dame is an Independent. But, it's a game that could determine whether or not the Pac 12 gets a team in the Final Four.

Florida basically wrapped up the East with their blowout win over Georgia in Jacksonville. The West is a three-team race between LSU (4-0), Alabama (4-1), and Ole Miss (4-1). The Rebels have a win over Alabama, but were hurt by a bad loss at Florida.

Saturday: LSU at Alabama
November 21: LSU at Ole Miss

The SEC West is so loaded that any of the top three could fall against somebody lower in the standings. I'll be looking very closely this month at look-ahead and letdown possibilities in this power conference.

THE KING OF LAS VEGAS will talk more about handicapping strategy in the coming weeks. For now…I wanted to get the big-game schedule on your radar so you can start finding great bets!

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