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Submitted by Wayne Allyn Root on Wednesday, November 4, 2015 at 7:00 PM


by Wayne Allyn Root
First Committee Poll comes out Tuesday, November 3rd
Remember that Ohio St, Michigan St and Iowa will play against each other possibly knocking out 2 teams. In the Big 12, Baylor, TCU and Oklahoma St all play each other BUT Oklahoma St gets them at home along with Oklahoma. Bama plays hosts this week to LSU so something will give in the SEC West. And what if Florida St defeats Clemson this week? How will that effect the standings? Stanford needs to win and they should in the PAC 12. What a November for the Committee, the Fans and the Professional Handicappers. Next week after the first poll is released, we'll compare the poll with the Vegas Oddsmakers so be sure to come back next Tuesday.
1) OHIO ST---Ohio State, Michigan State and Iowa still have to play each other so anything can happen. During the Buckeyes bye week, QB JT Barrett received a DUI. He's slated to miss the Minnesota game. Can Cardale Jones bring back his magic? What if he throws for 300 yards and 3 TD's? Will that ignite a firestorm that Urban Meyer recently put out? Their offense scored on 46% of Barrett's drives vs 22% on Jones' drives. So Barrett needs to get it together. This is $20,000,000 + Final 4 payday for OSU. Ironically, he was released to Cardale Jones.
2) BAYLOR---If you compare Baylor's common opponents numbers to #3 TCU, the Bearcats have won by an average of 26 points per game compared with the Horned Frogs 18.75 winning margins. Baylor meets TCU on November 27th. Baylor had the bye week to prepare after losing QB Seth Russell to a neck injury ending his season. Freshman Jarrett Stidham makes his first start this week vs Kansas St. At least it's not in Norman.
3) TCU---Trevone Boykin, QB, played an incredible game against West Virginia, 40-10. But that game was just a warm up as they now travel to Oklahoma. Boykin threw for 390 yards with 3 TD's and when he wasn't passing, he ran for 84 yards with one score. He broke Andy Dalton's total offense record during that game. Some say TCU should and will benefit for Baylor's QB going down.
4) LSU---The Tigers have their BIG GAME this week against Alabama. Bama brings QB Jake Coker and RB Derrick Henry to the contest while LSU dishes up Heisman Candidate RB Leonard Fournette and QB Brandon Harris. This game will come down to which QB plays the best and makes the fewest mistakes. Bama is the host so it's likely the Tide will clutter up the top 5 with a win and a knockout of LSU.
5) CLEMSON---It was predicted that NC State would give Clemson all that they could handle last Saturday since they could put up points as they did in their 56-41 game. But maybe Clemson was looking ahead to this weekend when they are playing Florida St. No matter what, it was a great warm-up game for Tigers QB Deshaun Watson as he thru for 6 touchdowns. Now off to Death Valley where there still has to be a buzz from what Georgia Tech did to them.
6) MICHIGAN STATE---The Spartans may be playing an easy pushover team this week in Nebraska or an angry team that just did what no Cornhusker team has ever done before; lost 6 times before the end of October. Ole Sparty needs to win big here as their are doubters on the Committee that think they are somewhat a weak sister in the Big 10 to Iowa and Ohio St and were more than lucky to have defeated Michigan with that blocked punt.
7) ALABAMA---Bama almost always controls their own destiny. But hold all bets. This is the same team that lost at home to Ole Miss so the Rebels will have to lose down the stretch to help out Alabama while the Crimson Tide runs the table starting this week with LSU at home. And that would give them the West Division title. Sabin has his work cut out for him.
8) OKLAHOMA ST---The Cowboys have a HUGE edge down the stretch as they get to play TCU, Baylor and Oklahoma all at home. This has to be their year. After falling behind by 17 points last week vs the Red Raiders of Texas Tech, they posted 70 points to commandeer a convincing victory. Remember that this game was one week after their homecoming where 4 died. In recent years, they have posted a 30-6 record in the friendly confines of Boone Pickens Stadium. Let the BIG 12 games begin as TCU is up next.
9)STANFORD---It is said to keep your friends close. Stanford Business School Professor Condollezza Rice is on the committee and Stanford will make her voice heard. Stanford was on a reign of excellence since losing to Northwestern in their first game of the year. But last week, in rainy Washington St, they almost had it handed to them as WSU missed a 43 yard field goal as time was expiring preserving a 30-28 win. QB Kevin Hogan continues to keep defenses off balanced as he threw for 2 TD's but more importantly ran for 112 yards. When you have Christian McCaffrey at RB with his 250+ all purpose yards, Hogan makes a great decoy.
10) IOWA---The Hawkeyes could remain undefeated since they do not play Ohio St or Michigan St until the BIG 10 Championship. That would bode well if they met OSU and kept the game close or won outright as the Committee would have them at 0 or 1 loss. Meanwhile, the BIG 12, SEC and PAC 12 continue to drop losses on each other. Iowa will benefit from those that are 2 loss teams. Their remainder of games are with Indiana, Minnesota, Purdue and Nebraska. Not sure how the committee will view the schedule that was put in front of them. They are off a 31-15 win over a weak Maryland. Maybe, they'll be forced to run up the scores down the stretch.