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Submitted by Wayne Allyn Root on Friday, November 6, 2015 at 10:14 AM

Wayne Root: Green Bay Now a Question Mark Heading to Carolina

Up until last weekend, it looked like the Green Bay Packers were a virtual lock to win the NFC. The Futures markets had them as a clear favorite. Supposed "second best" Seattle was off to a slow start, and had already lost to Green Bay. Arizona? A potential darkhorse for sure...but do you want to ask Carson Palmer to win playoff games for you? Those were the main three NFC threats according to Futures pricing.

It was Green Bay's conference to win. Until the Denver Broncos humiliated them last Sunday night. The Packers looked helpless on both sides of the ball against a quality team that had clearly emphasized the importance of that game. Denver's in the Green Bay doesn't have to worry about the Broncos unless there's a return match in February. But...

*Carolina has a great that could also disrupt Aaron Rodgers
*Seattle sure learned from watching Denver last week
*Arizona knows what it's doing on that side of the ball
*Philadelphia has a much better defense that many realize

Aaron Rodgers is obviously going to be the best quarterback in the NFC brackets. But, if he falls apart against great defenses in high pressure situations...then January could be quite an adventure on the frozen tundra. No way "last week's" Packers are going to light up the scoreboard against a great defense in tough scoring conditions.

I mentioned "both sides of the ball" regarding last week. Green Bay's defense threw in the towel early...and made old Peyton Manning look like young Peyton Manning! Or, like those TV commercials...the "cable" version of Manning with the skinny legs and high voice had been playing this season up until the cooler version took the field vs. the Packers. Guys like Carson Palmer and Cam Newton can win in Green Bay if THAT version of the Packers defense shows up.

Can Cam Newton win at home vs. the Packers this week? That's a marquee matchup on the early Sunday slate in a potential playoff preview. I certainly have my eye on that game as a contender for a PINNACLE play. Green Bay in a bounce back spot can win by double digits as a cheap favorite against a tired Carolina team off an overtime game. But, if what happened in Denver is going to leave a mark for a few weeks...then maybe still-undefeated Carolina surges to victory and virtually locks in in home field advantage in the playoffs over what would then be at two-loss Packers team.

Carolina 7-0 (looking for 8-0 and a two-game lead over the Packers)
Green Bay 6-1
Arizona 6-2 (a lot to there a lot to love?)
Atlanta 6-2 (a pretender that seems to be fading)
Minnesota 5-2 (too young to be ready)
(Further Down) Seattle 4-4, and Philadelphia 3-4

The Seahawks are being priced like a 12-4 team every week regardless of how they're performing on the field. I'll keep fading them until there's a reason not to. Philadelphia's defense is so good that it might lead the Eagles to an NFC East title even if the offense never gets on track. Defense can win playoff games...which makes Philly a potential January spoiler.

I had Denver over Green Bay last week as part of my ROOT TRUST. I also won outright with underdog Oakland over the NY Jets, and just missed another upset with the easy cover on the Dallas Cowboys plus the points vs. Seattle. You longtime clients know I tend to focus on underdogs and affordable favorites. A few marquee matchups are in that wheelhouse this coming Sunday...including this Green Bay/Carolina game...Denver at Indianapolis, and Philadelphia at Dallas.

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