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Submitted by Wayne Allyn Root on Friday, November 13, 2015 at 10:20 AM

Wayne Root: Can the NY Giants Win the NFC East?

A couple of days ago I took a look at the NY Jets and Buffalo Bills before they squared off in this week's Thursday night game. Now it's time to talk about the NY Giants...the third team from my home state currently in the playoff chase even though they're not playing all that well by traditional postseason standards.

Entering the weekend, the Giants are 5-4 and in first place in the disappointing NFC East...

NY Giants 5-4
Philadelphia 4-4
Washington 3-5
Dallas 2-6

Dallas with Tony Romo is likely the best of the bunch...but Dallas doesn't have Tony Romo. By the time he's able to play at 100%, the Pokes may be too far off the pace.

The problem with assuming the Giants are in good shape is that they have to host the New England Patriots this Sunday. The market thinks that's going to be a loss because the Pats are favored by more than a touchdown. A loss moves NYG down to 5-5, with the Eagles positioned to move into first place if they can win as a home favorite over Miami.

Also, Philadelphia currently owns the tie-breaker because of an easy 27-7 win over the G-men earlier this season. The return engagement isn't until the final week of the season. The Eagles have time to make that moot if they can extend their projected advantage between now and then.

The biggest problem I see for the Giants is present in this statistical sequence. Look at their yards-per-play numbers over the last three games.

NY Giants 5.7, Dallas (Cassel) 6.7
NY Giants 6.4, New Orleans 8.1
NY Giants 4.5, Tampa Bay 6.5

Consistently outplayed at the point of attack by three non-playoff teams! They won two of those three games because of turnovers. If not for turnovers...that would have been an 0-3 stretch with losses to Tampa Bay and shorthanded Dallas! And, even New Orleans isn't playing all that well this year. Tennessee just won in overtime on the same field the Giants lost to Drew Brees and company.

So...the Giants may be in first place...but they're posting the stats of what might be a 6-10 type team in normal seasons. Well, maybe a 4-12 team considering the 2015 quality of those last three opponents.

To the degree there's good news...Eli Manning is playing well. He's grown more comfortable with the offense after last year's awkward transition season. He has 19 touchdown passes with only six interceptions...which is stellar by this year's standards. That might be the only good news! Well, the team does get its long awaited bye next week. That should help them freshen up before the stretch run.

Let's look at the remaining schedule. A team that's been getting waxed in yards-per-play could be in big trouble in many of these spots...

Sunday: vs. New England (undefeated at 8-0)
November 22: bye
November 29: at Washington (toss-up)
December 6: vs. NY Jets (neutral field toss-up)
December 14: at Miami Dolphins (road toss-up or slight dog)
December 20: vs. Carolina Panthers (currently undefeated also at 8-0)
December 27: at Minnesota Vikings (currently 6-2, and that could be COLD)
January 3: vs. Philadelphia Eagles

There are no gift games....and New England, Carolina, and Minnesota are currently a combined 22-2! Making it to the .500 mark could be tough. Well, let me say it this way...the Giants have to improve their recent level of play or there's NO WAY they're going to make it to .500. They can certainly do that...and I can't imagine a total collapse that would have them losing all the toss-ups.

Even if the G-men don't fare well vs. the Patriots, that bye should help them. And, maybe WAYNE ALLYN ROOT is planning a special pre-bye upset call with the Giants. You longtime readers know I was born in Mt. Vernon, NY as a true S.O.B. (son of a butcher!). I still follow the New York teams very closely even though I've been THE KING OF LAS VEGAS for decades. My sources in Gotham keep providing me with great information that pays off in all sports year round. Maybe I'm writing about this game to set up something big on Sunday! Aren't the Patriots overdue for one of those flat spots on the road where they don't take their opponents seriously enough?

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Back with you early next week with what will likely be another football report. I know I need to review with you soon the keys to picking early season upsets in college basketball. That will likely come sometime next week too.

The November schedule is jam-packed...which means it's time for YOU to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!