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Submitted by Wayne Allyn Root on Friday, December 4, 2015 at 3:45 PM

Wayne Root: Jets and Giants Both in "Must-Win" Mode Sunday in Gotham

The New York Jets face the New York Giants in a regular season game only once every four seasons. That's the nature of the interconference schedule rotation. It's a nice rivalry because the teams share a stadium, and play each other every Preseason. But, it's been unfortunately rare for a regular season meeting to be important to BOTH teams at the same time. That's going to happen this Sunday afternoon, when the 2016 meeting sees both Big Apple entries on the fringes of the playoff hunt.

*The NY Jets are 6-5, and in a competitive Wildcard battle in the crowded AFC. Pittsburgh, Kansas City, and the runner-up in the AFC South are all also 6-5 right now...and there's only room for two Wildcard teams. No margin of error for the Jets!

*The NY Giants are 5-6, and trail first place Washington by just a game in the weak NFC East. The G-men are a longshot to earn a Wildcard even if they beat the Jets because Seattle and Green Bay are better teams. But, they can definitely chase down Washington if the Redskins continue their inconsistent form. 

The Jets remaining schedule is friendlier...which gives them a chance to rise above the crowd.

December 13: vs. Tennessee
December 19 at Dallas
December 26: vs. New England
January 3: at Buffalo

They will be clear favorites over Tennessee next week...and probably slight favorites to beat a Dallas team that will be without Tony Romo on the road. Tougher challenges after that...particularly if Buffalo is fighting for a Wildcard spot on the season's final Sunday. The best case scenario is that Buffalo falls off the pace, and the Jets are facing a team that's just going through the motions. From 6-5 right now...10-6 is within reach with a win Sunday and some breaks. But, 8-8 or worse comes into play if the Jets lose Sunday.

Let's look at the G-men.

December 14: at Miami
December 20 vs. Carolina
December 27: at Minnesota
January 3: vs. Philadelphia

Tough to draw both Carolina and Minnesota. But, the path to first place in the NFC East is easier to navigate because 8-8 might be enough to win! Miami and Philadelphia are really floundering of late. If that continues...the Giants could be the worst team in NYC (and the Meadowlands) in terms of true talent, but the only one to make the playoffs.

Why would I call the Giants the worse than the Jets?

*They're playing at a neutral site this week, and the market has the Jets as a 2-point favorite. Strong evidence that the Jets are seen, right now, as the better team by people who matter.

*The Jets have a better won-lost record while playing a very similar schedule strength (both have had soft schedules this year by all accounts).

*The Jets have a positive yards-per-play differential while the Giants are way negative.

*The Jets have the better running game by quite a bit.

*The Jets have the better defense by a significant margin.

Though WAYNE ALLYN ROOT tends to focus on underdogs, I might actually be on the Jets this weekend because of all the positives I just listed. Smart money pushed the line off pick-em to NYJ -2. Was that enough of a move? It will depend on how much pressure the Jets defense gets on Eli Manning. I think that's the single biggest handicapping factor in this game.

In terms of pure motivation...both teams should be at a peak. Neither can afford a loss. The Giants in particular have to be embarrassed by playing so badly in Washington last week after a bye. That was a huge game and they came out flat as a pancake! If I'm on the Giants Sunday, it will be because of that bounce-back factor and a read that Eli will overcome the Jets pass rush.

Can either the Jets or the Giants be an important factor in January?'s a longshot right now. Ryan Fitzpatrick of the Jets isn't a championship caliber quarterback. The defense of the Giants is way too vulnerable to scare the best teams in the NFC. Both are surely capable of playing spoiler in their first game. I could see the Jets scoring a road upset as a Wildcard over a #3 or #4 seed (particularly if it's the AFC South champ). If the Giants win their division, they'll get a home game they could survive.

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See you again early next week. I don't know yet if that will be a football or basketball article. There may be some big stories to react to this weekend in the college football championship games. But, Kentucky losing to UCLA in basketball shows that big things are happening in other sports too (I had UCLA as a strong play!).

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