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Submitted by Wayne Allyn Root on Wednesday, September 24, 2014 at 7:30 PM



Whether you agree, or agree to disagree, the NFL has achieved parity. Exhibit A is our latest Top 10 below. There's a team not in the Top 10 that usually is near the top. That same team is not even in our Top 10. In fact, they missed out of our Top 15. Coming in at #16 is the San Francisco 49ers. If you agree or disagree, send your comments to my GM, We'd like to know what you think. They play at home against the high flying Eagles, so this week's game is critical. But remember, the Eagles are no pushover standing in the way. They are the UNDEFEATED Philadelphia Eagles!
1) SEATTLE---It sure wasn't long before Seattle overtook Denver for the number one spot in our poll. And for those who missed this Super Bowl rematch, it was one of the best games this season as Seahawks won and covered in OT. This week they get a bye week, so it must be good to be a Seahawk!!
2) CINCINNATI---Here's a testament to a great offensive line. Andy Dalton still has not been sacked this year. If that's not enough, let's move to the other side of the ball where their defense has the league-best "plus 6" turnover margin. The two top rules for long term success are…A) Have a solid O-Line and B) Have a "D" that can take the ball away. We'll be seeing Cincy make a long run into the playoffs this year…and if not coach and QB could be gone. There are no more excuses.
3) PHILADELPHIA---The "magic" of the high flying Eagles. Philadelphia is standing at 3-0 after the first 3 weeks of this season. But what you may not know is that they are the first team ever, in all of football history, to have trailed by double digits in all 3 games to start 3-0. I'm not sure if that was in Chip Kelly's college to pro playbook. Now we know why Nick Foles is so important to the Eagles.
4) DENVER---You have to give credit when due and it goes to Peyton Manning in the final minutes of the 4th quarter in Seattle. Tough overtime loss in Seattle, but now the Broncos get two weeks to prepare for hosting the Cardinals. Peyton Manning's next touchdown makes him the second with 500 career TD passes.The off-season additions have really made a difference and Denver is capable to end up where they ended last season- in the Super Bowl.
5) ARIZONA---About the time you become believers of this team, it may be too late. Most have missed a 3 game run as it went from "Let's see how game 1 goes," to "Uh oh, we're on the road without Carson Palmer." Then they beat the 49ers outright and find themselves at 3-0 and atop of the NFC West. It will be 2 more weeks of "bettor's doubt" as the Cardinals get a bye week. Nice start Zona...(maybe winning 10 games and missing the playoffs last year still has you burning!!)
6) SAN DIEGO---Our helmets are tipped to the Chargers this week as so many thought (or over-thought) that a week removed from upsetting the Seahawks and having to travel to Buffalo and play the East Coast early game, collapse was their destiny. But hold all bets!! Chargers Win...Chargers Win...despite averaging 2.3 yards rushing. And speaking of rushing, that was the 3rd straight week they've rushed for fewer that 3 yards per carry. With ALL their starting running backs hurt, look for more of the same.
7) NEW ENGLAND---You have been alerted that this years Patriots are not the same team of 5 to 10 years ago. Brady is aging. He's ranked #24 in the league that has many underachievers. If it wasn't done with mirrors and takeaways (tied for 1st), the Pats would be in trouble. Barely defeating the Raiders at home is not a confidence builder. Now they travel to dangerous Arrowhead Stadium for a Monday Night Football game against Kansas City, who is just coming off a road win at Miami.
8) ATLANTA---Last Thursday against Tampa Bay, The Falcons put on Tampa one of the worst beatings ever witnessed and won 56-14. Let's just call Julio Jones "Mr. Stud" for that outing, as he caught a career-high five passes thrown at least 15 yards down field, for 120 yards (most such receptions in a game by any receiver this season). The Falcons will be tested on the road again as they have been labeled road losers by many in the know. The are a 3-point chalk against Minnesota.
9) DALLAS---If the Cowboys can get re-established at home, they may be a force as the season progresses. After-all, they are coming off 2 road wins at Tennessee and the Miracle off the Mississippi where in St Louis after trailing 21-0, they found themselves going home will a victory. So far the one thing that we didn't think needed fixing was Tony Romo. But he's thrown for 2 TD's and had 3 INT's. But as experienced as he is, he'll figure it out. Meanwhile, let DeMarco Murray, (a Las Vegas product), do it all. He drives linebackers nuts with the screen plays and safeties if he runs a pattern. As I said from day one, the Cowboy "D" is underrated. They lost their 3 best playmakers from one of the worst defenses in NFL history. But I studied this D. The players are young and hungry.
10) BALTIMORE---In back to back games, the Ravens have moved into the top 10 after defeating Pittsburgh and Cleveland, 2 divisional foes. Flacco is better than steady and the entire team has had to go thru the Ray Rice ordeal so it shows the importance of strong leadership (more than ownership). The Ravens entertain the Carolina Panthers this week and are a 3 1/2 point favorite. The catch of the off-season was Steve Smith, as Flacco to Smith is averaging 9.1 yards per catch.
11) PITTSBURGH---Strong statement made at Carolina by Ben R.
12) DETROIT---"D" and "D" are the 2 thoughts for Detroit. Defense and Discipline. Their "D" is allowing
2.8 ypr, #2 in the NFL and they haven't been beating themselves and are staying out of the headlines.
13) INDIANAPOLIS---Whenever Andrew Luck is on the field, most of America is pulling for his team.
14) NEW ORLEANS---Huge road game, (where they don't excel), at Dallas this week. Win big and they are back in the race for the Super Bowl.
15) GREEN BAY---What a difficult schedule to start out with. We saw this a few years back and then they won them in bunches. Off to Chicago for another hard road game. Rodgers has to step it up!