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Submitted by Wayne Allyn Root on Saturday, January 2, 2016 at 12:29 PM

Wayne Root: NY Jets Try To Clinch Playoff Spot in Buffalo

After our year-long coverage of the New York teams here in my web articles, it's fitting the NY Jets will try to clinch a Wildcard spot in the playoffs with a win Sunday up in Buffalo. All they have to do is beat their former coach...and they're in.

Of course, if they had beaten their former coach in their first meeting a few weeks back, they'd already be in! Buffalo won that Thursday nighter 22-17 on the Jets home field. NYJ would be 11-4 right now if they had won that game, and would be getting more respect in the Super Bowl Futures markets too.

Still...a revenge victory in the rematch is the point of focus now. And, there are a lot reasons to like the Jets...

*They're the better team (10-5 to 7-8 in the AFC East standings)
*They had better stats in the first meeting, but lost turnovers 4-0
*They have the better defense by quite a good bit...and defense wins big games

Let's talk more about the defense for a second. Buffalo has a great defensive reputation because it's usually assumed that Rex Ryan's teams play great defense. That's not really the case this season. It's decent, but the Jets have been much better in the stuff that matters.

NY Jets 5.1
Buffalo 5.6

That's half a yard per defensive play! That really adds up over the course of a game or a season. The Jets defense is elite at the point of attack. Bringing in Todd Bowles (former defensive coordinator for Arizona) as head coach has upgraded this unit. The game is starting to pass Ryan by (and particularly "the Ryan's" if you count his brother who got fired in New Orleans!)

NY Jets 32%
Buffalo 41%

Wow...big difference there. Not only are the Jets great per-play, but they really step up on third downs and force punts. Yes, they have been helped by facing some mediocre or inexperienced quarterbacks this season. They've made life miserable for them!

NY Jets 37
Buffalo 20

Wow...just 20 sacks for Buffalo in 15 games! Rex Ryan has become too passive! His defenses don't make things happen. They sit back and hope the other team screws up. Sometimes that works, like it did in the first meeting with the Jets! But, in the modern game, it's tough to shut down quality offenses with such a passive approach. And, that's at the heart of why the league is converting better than 40% of third down tries against the Bills. a big game, who would you rather have? Obviously WAYNE ALLYN ROOT will be on the Jets Sunday, right? NOT SO FAST!

There are actually a lot of reasons why this will be a trouble spot for the Jets...

*This is a HIGH PRESSURE game
*It's coming against a DIVISIONAL RIVAL
*New York's in an obvious letdown spot after upsetting New England last week
*The Jets had to sweat a recent road game against lowly Dallas
*The Jets had to sweat a recent "neutral" site game against the struggling Giants
*Before that, the Jets looked awful in a road loss at Houston

This season, the Jets have been great with home field advantage at shutting down bad teams or shorthanded offenses. But, you definitely can't pencil in an easy win at Buffalo if the team couldn't get easy wins against Dallas, or the Giants, or Houston. This isn't a home game against Tennessee, or Miami, or Jacksonville. It's a ROAD game against a team they couldn't beat at home!

So, while I do respect that the Jets have the better defense of the two teams...and the more experienced "game manager" quarterback...I'm fully aware of the big picture.  I'll only play this game for my clients if I'm getting great information from my New York sources about the mindset of the teams heading into Sunday. I won a PINNACLE play on the Jets over the Patriots last Sunday (as well as recent BOWL PINNACLES on Alabama over Michigan State, Wisconsin over Nebraska, and Duke over Indiana). I'll make sure my clients get the right team in the right game!

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