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Submitted by Wayne Allyn Root on Wednesday, September 17, 2014 at 8:34 AM


There are a few surprises after 2 weeks of NFL play as Buffalo and Arizona are at the top of their divisions. Seattle has suffered an early season loss is news to some. The 49er's blew a 13 point lead at home is stunning to many. Carolina and Houston are both 2-0 and looking to improve. On the other side we see the Colts and Saints sitting at 0-2 but both had a difficult schedule leading to their losses.
1) DENVER---The Broncos moved up on the heels of a small snafu from Seattle losing in San Diego. There's no shame in not covering a double digit pointspread as KC got the cash. The Broncos were horrible against the run as 3 stars from KC were out and nearly won in mile high despite that fact. Their next game is last years Super Bowl re-match where the Seahawks destroyed them 43-8 on a neutral field. Good luck playing in Seattle...with the Hawks coming off a loss!
2) SEATTLE---The Seahawks went from the cool northwest to a field that was 108 degrees, meeting with hard hitting San Diego and suffered an early season defeat. Not to worry Seahawks faithful. The gameplan the Chargers put together will be studied by every NFL team as they held the ball for 42:15 minutes compared to Seattle's 17:45 minutes. But with Marshawn Lynch, Russell Wilson, the defensive secondary, Coach Pete Carroll, the best fans and the Broncos coming to town, it's only a week out of the top spot.
3) PHILADELPHIA---Chip Kelly's team is sitting at 2-0 after defeating the Colts on the road. May as well give the NFC East title to them. QB Foles has the Eagles flying high on offense with a +30 point average. This team will be relevant for the rest of the season and will continue to play well but no longer under-the-radar. They are at home against a tuff Washington Redskins team.
4) CINCINNATI---The Bengals beat the Falcons last week but took a few big hits with injuries along the way. If A.J. Greens foot injury is serious, it could spell trouble ahead for Cincinnati. The Bengals defense was smothering against Atlanta as they forced Matt Ryan into throwing 3 interceptions. They host Tennessee this week so Green's status is critical.
5) GREEN BAY---It must be great to be a lifelong Green Bay Packers fan. First you get legendary Coach Vince Lombardi. Then the arm of QB Brett Farve and now with the best QB in the NFL in Aaron Rodgers. Everyone watching the game, all the fans and most of the NY Jets players knew what was about to happen as the Packers rallied behind Rodgers and Jordy Nelson to overcome an 18 point deficit. Their only loss is against the defending Champs so confidence must be high. But hold all bets: they are on the road against Matt Stafford, Reggie Bush and Calvin Johnson as they travel to Detroit.
6) NEW ENGLAND ---Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves crowning the Patroits as the team to beat in the AFC after winning in Minnesota. The Viking were without disgraced star, Adrian Peterson. Matt Cassel tossed 4 interceptions so their wasn't much left to get in the way of a Tom Brady victory. Brady is not the Brady of old but still should garnish a week 3 win as they host the offensive deprived Oakland Raiders.
7) SAN DIEGO---The entire NFL teams salute the big Chargers win Sunday over the Seattle Seahawks. They showed how to defeat the defending World Champions thru clock management and Philip Rivers attacking the Seahawks secondary. But did the win and the 108 degree field temperature take a toll on the Chargers as they travel 3000 miles to play Buffalo in an early day game this Sunday? This can't be a great week to celebrate for the San Diego players. Set your alarms for 4:30 am pac time.
8) SAN FRANCISCO---How did the 49er's blow a 20-7 lead at home to the Chicago Bears. Colin Kaepernick lost something somewhere in the 2nd half.. The offensive line allowed the Bears to put tremendous pressure on their QB. Colin Kaepernick threw 3 interceptions and had a fumble. That's how a team blows a big lead. And looking back to week 1, they had nothing in the second half against Dallas. They need answers and quick as they travel to NFC West leaders Arizona.
9) BUFFALO---Am I the only one who penciled in the Bills to be in first place after week 2 of play within the AFC East? The Bills are energized with a week 1 win on the road in Chicago, a new Owner from Buffalo and a nice win against a division foe in the Miami Dolphins. They play a situational game this week against San Diego coming in all smiles after taking down the Seahawks. And it's an early morning start for the pacific time zone team. Team breakfast at 6am pac.
10) ARIZONA---It's hard to believe the Cardinals got a cross country win on the road playing without QB Carson Palmer and defensive star John Abraham. After 2 hours of play and a trip to the airport, Arizona had won by 11 points and was 2-0 and leading the NFC West. This is not a good week to have to play the 49er's coming off their own troubles by blowing a 20-7 lead and with the uncertainty of the playing status of QB Carson Palmer.
11) CAROLINA---The Panthers remain undefeated at 2-0 and are in the spotlight hosting the Steelers on Sunday Night this week.
12) INDIANAPOLIS---No worries as they are in the AFC South and have lost to 2 playoff headed teams.
13) NEW ORLEANS---The pigskin will be flying this week as the Saints have their first home game against the Vikings. Their 0-2 start is not so bad and they can put together a 6, 7 or 8 game winning streak.
14) BALTIMORE---The Ravens made a nice comeback win for themselves last Thursday as they defeated division rival Pittsburgh.
15) CHICAGO---The Bears dominated the 2nd half last Sunday Night on Primetime and overcame a 7-20 score. Now they get to move from Sunday Primetime to Monday Primetime as the are in NY against the Jets....but with many defensive players injured.