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Submitted by Wayne Allyn Root on Wednesday, September 10, 2014 at 11:33 PM

NFL TOP 10 for WEEK 2
There was a lot of scrambling with-in the Top 10 as 5 teams there last week are 0-1. This is the "On Any Given Sunday" NFL that Pete Rozelle wanted. Week 2 games are intriguing and will have a few surprises for the fans.
1) SEATTLE---The defense is as good as expected. Russell Wilson looked great. The fans did what was expected in making this the most difficult venue in the NFL. You almost think the Seahawks played like they were the defending Super Bowl Champions. Next up is on the road to San Diego.
2) DENVER---This will be an interesting game coming up. Denver did not finish off the Colts last week and this week they get to play a team everybody saw get destroyed, at Arrowhead, trying to do the week 2 reversal. Good thing it's at home for the Bronco fans. Denver is a double-digit favorite in the important conference game against Kansas City.
3) CINCINNATI: The Bengals move up five spots this week as week 1 top teams 3 thru 7 all lost.That might be the ghost of Pete Rozelle's parody haunting the NFL which is good for football. As for the Bengals, it may be all about AJ Green on Rozelle's "Any Given Sunday" for the 1-0 Bengals. Winning on the road in conference play on the opening week could tell a season reaching story.
4) SAN FRANCISCO---The 49er's defense made Sunday's opening week at Dallas somewhat confusing. They were dominating the scoreboard defensively so the questions to be asked are: were Kaepernick's 8 for 8 for 99 yards the normal? Will it be about Vernon Davis, the super-star TE or WR Anquan Boldin? Throw in a 100 yards from Frank Gore and the mighty 49er defense, and the NFC West has the best race to first place in the entire league!
5) PHILADELPHIA---Nick Foles turned the ball over in the first half and millions of fans in the "last longer no pointspread" pools were almost out for the entire year at halftime behind 0-17 to the Jags. But a 15 of 21 second half performance and 34 unanswered points showed the NFC that at least one team can play in the East. They have a much harder venue ahead this week as they are in the MNF spotlight playing at Indianapolis.
6) NEW ORLEANS: The played the ole song, "When The Saints Come Marching In" but forgot to tell New Orleans it's all about how you march out. The Saints have not been a very good road team and really blew it within their division against the Atlanta Falcons. Now it can only get more miserable for the "Ain't" as they are on the road again against a decent Cleveland team. Brees has to somehow get the New Orleans Voodoo Chief to put a magic carpet ride to Cleveland to grab a win. It is said that 0-2 teams do not generally make the playoffs.
7) PITTSBURGH---It was all Ben and Company in the first half as they piled it on and racked up an unobtainable lead. Not so fast Pittsburgh. The second half turned into "Gentle Ben and Company" as the Steelers found themselves in overtime. As history is re-told, the Browns are still the Browns and wasted another great comeback. Let's hope the Steelers show what they are all about this Thursday vs the Ravens.
8) GREENBAY---I can only say that the Packers are glad that was the first game of the season for them when they got beaked to death by the Seahawks. Secondly, they are the only team that gets 12 days to heal their bodies from the pounding they received from Seattle. They may get another rushing hit this week like the one Lynch displayed as the J-e-t-s are coming to town with their own running game.
9) INDIANAPOLIS---The Colts never quit. They have one of the best leaders in Andrew Luck and he showed it against the Broncos and lost but came away with a 1/2 pt. pointspread cover. They will put on quite the show in the AFC South now that Reggie Wayne has a game under his belt and with TY Hilton the gameplan to make the Colts an offensive machine.
10) NEW ENGLAND---Maybe the Bilichick/Brady duo has more age than experience. After-all, it's been over a decade since they last slipped on a Championship ring. Brady could not get out of his own way against the Dolphin defense. Every area look sluggish and uninspired. It will not be a walk thru a park again this week as the Vikings actually believe in the Vikings and rightfully so. And it won't hurt that ex-Pats back-up, Matt Cassel, is under center to accompany "Yo" Adrian Peterson. Watch the choreograph of Peterson and the short throws of Cassel. Could produce another home W.
11) ATLANTA---Hard earned victory against their divisional rival New Orleans, now try Cincinnati.
12) DETROIT---The Lions did NOT shoot themselves in the foot and lose the second half. Nice win vs. NY.
13) ARIZONA---Let's not judge them, let's accept the "W" they received Monday against San Diego.
14) BUFFALO---They have a new owner and a road win all in the same week. And averaged 9 ypc Sunday.
15) CAROLINA---It seems like Derik Anderson has been in the NFL forever. He was good in the opening game; now Cam is back to take over his 1-0 team