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Submitted by Wayne Allyn Root on Tuesday, September 2, 2014 at 9:24 PM

by Wayne Allyn Root
1) SEATTLE: Let's keep the Seahawks starting this season where they left off last season as simply THE BEST! And throw in 8 homes games for 8-0 and the best fans and the rest is a piece of cake. It also doesn't hurt to have a great secondary to stop the other teams and Lynch to handle the ball control game that Russell Wilson manages so well. Hope they pay attention to their first game vs. Green Bay.
2) DENVER: The Broncos may be the most focused team in the NFL. They are the "Embarrassed AFC Champs." But that's good motivation. Game 1 will have them playing revenge from the 39-33 loss from a year ago. When Peyton Manning touches the ball, the fans, his teammates and everyone watching the game knows he will score. That has to wear on the minds of his opponents.
3) GREEN BAY: The Pack is back- at least when it comes to Aaron Rodgers and his health. "D" Coordinator Dom Capers was instructed to simplify the defense and make Julius Peppers part of the grit and determination needed for the other players to copy. Randall Cobb is also healthy and with Eddie Lacey giving Rodgers some much needed balance, this team will be sailing towards the playoffs.
4) NEW ENGLAND: Bill Belichick and Tom Brady....AGAIN!! Add Rob Gronkowski to the mix and the focus on defense (as the offense is set). Belichick added Darrelle Revis (of "Revis Island" fame) and Brandon Browner to his defensive secondary coverage helping his front seven. Now watch for a great pass rush for the Pats "D".
5) NEW ORLEANS: Does a high octane offense ring a bell? Yes, but how about an up and coming defense with 2 of the best safeties in the NFL? Throw in Sean Peyton and an up-graded offensive line to protect Drew Brees and this team is on the right track to compete with Seattle and Green Bay for the NFC's top honors.
6) INDIANAPOLIS: They may be a shoo-in to at least win their own division- so that is one major advantage. ( think back to Arizona Cardinals last year). Their weakness is huge as their defense knows how to give up points. The offense cannot grind enough from the running game, but Andrew Luck can put up points fast. The key is Luck, as we are all aware. His fiery personality and incredible character refuses to lose any game. He'll be tested in week 1, on the road, against Manning and the Broncos.....playing with revenge as Indy handed them a 39-33 loss last year.
7) BALTIMORE: The Raves have the nucleus of a Championship team. Their coach in John Harbaugh. Joe Flacco at quarterback. A very, very good offensive line, a healthy Tight End target for Flacco, and…Steve Smith as the possession WR they've missed. Add in a young, hungry top 10 defense. When Ray Rice returns from his two game suspension, they should be ready to challenge all season long for the AFC North, head to head with the Bengals. Speaking of the Bengals, check the schedule for week 1.
8) CINCINNATI: Let's go on the record by saying that Andy Dalton is better than most experts think....and what do those that sit behind a sports desk know anyway?  He can play flawless, manages the game correctly, stays within his own head and gets the ball to his receivers with precision accuracy. The new O-Coordinator, Hue Jackson, will teach him enough to become even better. With the amazing acrobat AC Green at WR and a top 5 defense, this team can shut down any team on any given Sunday. But…they travel to Baltimore for their first game....ouch!
9) SAN FRANCISCO: Does self-implosion ring a bell? NaVorro Bowman is out for 8 to 10 games. Aldon Smith is suspended for 9 games. Ray McDonald may be suspended long-term for domestic violence (smart, huh?) and has added fuel to this teams distractions. They have much talent but Colin Kaepernick will have to carry this team and not so sure he can. Maybe they can knock off the Cowboys this week in a game that may be more difficult in Jerry Jones Arena than it should have been.
10) CHICAGO: Maybe the Bears can ride the momentum of Chicago's Little League U.S. championship team. I wonder how much patience the fans have left after 100 years of the Cubs and a few years of Jay Cutler? They used to have a black and blue defense, but several new starters will be on the field. If their chemistry is right then this may be a good year for "da bears". Their offense is one of the best in the NFC so Cutler has few excuses left. It's time to put up and give the Packers a race in the NFC North.
PHILADELPHIA: Should win the NFC East. They host the Jags in game one. Can great O win by itself?
ST LOUIS RAMS: They'll be carried by a good coach in Jeff Fisher and a GREAT defense. It better be great, with Shaun Hill at QB!
PITTSBURGH: We find out if they are "old" or "experienced".
ARIZONA: Bad luck to be in the NFC West. Carson Palmer could go either way. He was very good down the stretch last year.
SAN DIEGO: QB Rivers can take you a long way. Was last year's playoff run the beginning of something big, or beginning of end?
DALLAS: Stop saying they have a bad "D"; we are aware. BUT, the Cowboy offense is as good as it gets. If Romo and Dez have the season of a lifetime, this team could reach the playoffs with no D.