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Submitted by Wayne Allyn Root on Wednesday, December 17, 2014 at 4:14 PM

by Wayne Allyn Root
No the Green Bay loss to the Buffalo Bills was not a surprising loss. I had that pegged as my NFL Shocker Game of the Year. When your team has 3 great pass rushers lead by Mario Williams, look out! Peyton Manning went deep all day against San Diego and then balanced the game finding a late season running game. The Seahawks are peaking at the right time and are prepared to make their defense known to all! And then there's New England and Tom Brady. It seems like 14 weeks ago this Pats/Dolphins game had a much different outcome. It's too bad that Arizona suffered another QB injury and that Cowboys RB Murray broke a bone in his hand. Dr. Jerry Jones will no doubt have him playing Sunday whether he can hold onto the ball, block big guys or catch a screen pass. Indianapolis, Detroit and Philadelphia are teams that can get hot so sit back and hold on for the final two weeks of the NFL regular season. There's so much to play for and bet on! The season to remember continues!!
1) NEW ENGLAND---The Pats are where they are supposed to be going into week 16; in first place and playing great. Gronk, Edelman and LaFell are playing catch with a very accurate passer every Sunday. Miami was no match in the re-match. The Patriots, as always, must be mind full of this weeks game against The Jets. Let's see if the Pats can win and cover the 10 point spread!
2) DENVER---Peyton Manning is slowing down so what does he do? He burns the Chargers by going deep 7 times on throws of 15 yards or longer with 5 completions and 156 yards plus 1 TD. The Chargers had a bad scouting report that his arm was giving out somewhat and that he would have more of a rushing offense. Denver has a difficult road game this week at Cincinnati on Monday Night and the King of Primetime football will be there with the winner.
3) SEATTLE---The machine pushes forward. This team plays every game day exactly the same. Great defensive secondary, solid rushing attack, manageable QB play from Wilson, a cheerleading coach and the home town fans. The Seahawks travel to a defensive minded team this week to play banged up QB Arizona Cardinals on Sunday Night.
4) GREEN BAY---The Packers leave the cold of Buffalo where they lost and go to the warmth of Tampa Bay where anything can happen. The Pack is tied with Detroit and cannot afford any letdowns if they want to play in Green Bay's January weather. Cold and nasty!! Jordy Nelson's once in a season drop was huge but keep in mind that was 1 of 7 dropped passes by others. Rodgers and Co. will put it behind them and head to Tampa.
5) DALLAS---The Cowboys won and won big at Philadelphia when they had to win. Many teams do not win "must win" games. Dez Bryant, will make the off season negotiations with Jerry Jones laughable. His 3 TD's could never have been with better timing than in Philadelphia. They have an RB injury to consider this week as they play the Colts in Dallas.
6) ARIZONA---Will Ryan Lindley (QB) be a major part of the Cardinals game plan this week? We will see how practices go this week. They are not deep at running back in terms of success so how does a team win with just a great defense? Points still have to be scored in order to win. This may be a great time to play an under so as the week progresses, keep that in mind when visiting As far as playing Seattle this week, they may need a few defensive scores!! This game has been circled for a year for the Cardinals.
7) INDIANAPOLIS---The Colts are becoming a favorite team of many as Andrew Luck led a nice comeback against the Texans. The defense started it with a pick-six and Luck then took over the rest. This week it's on to play the Cowboys. We need to see if there are any reasons for the Colt players to play hard as their destiny is pretty much locked up.
8) DETROIT---The Lions need to send a present to Buffalo as the Bills did them a huge favor last week. How can that Lions offense with their weapons rely on winning with field goals? This is the time of the year where Detroit shoots itself in the more TD's and less field goals down the stretch. The Lions are on the road to face a dysfunctional Chicago Bears team. This should be interesting to say the least!!
9) PHILADELPHIA---Can you imagine that the Eagles could win out and not make the playoffs? That's how big the loss to the Cowboys was last week. I doubt that it will happen so win out is all that the Eagles need to think about. Just defeat Washington this week and the Giants in week 17. This team has so much potential and all they need to do is to have all elements begin to peak at the right time; which is now!!
10) CINCINNATI---The Bengals caught a huge break in Cleveland against rookie Johnny "Football" Manziel. That was a gift. Their 9-4-1 record looms big against the Ravens and Steelers 9-5 record as we enter the stretch run. This week the Bengals host the Broncos on Monday night and history says that Andy Dalton plays poorly in big nationally spotlighted games. Is that going to happen this week? Stay tuned to for the answer.
11) PITTSBURGH---As long as you have Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown, anything can happen.
12) BALTIMORE---Flacco and the Ravens defense is peaking...should make it to the playoffs.
13) KANSAS CITY---Smith has completed 104 play action passes as the NFL leader. Good Job!!
14) BUFFALO--Nice win against Green Bay and nice way to close out your home season for great fans!
15) SAN DIEGO---Rivers had his chance. Playing Denver at home needing a win and it's all down the river.