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Submitted by Wayne Allyn Root on Wednesday, August 6, 2014 at 10:15 AM

Six (6) "must do's" in August
to prepare for College Football
By Wayne Allyn Root
As a Handicapping Professional, I do NOT wait for the season to begin for my College Football handicapping. You're correct when you say it doesn't pay anything to study college football right now. But I assure you, I'll be rewarded with huge dividends starting week 1 of college football. I will NOT have to wait for oddsmakers adjustments for me to begin to profit. I will be firing at bad lines based on my own adjustments made prior to the opening kickoff. It has been my August homework preparations that I have relied on for my 29 season of sports betting (successfully I humbly add). There are few handicapping professionals that have been winning for this long of a period. Lastly, you can do the work yourself (and put in 80 hours), or come back week after week and capitalize on my efforts, research and long hours. Feel free to join me each and every week at
Wayne Allyn Root
1) What's the information on new recruits:
Each year there is a wave of new college players who join each and every team in the country. This is when one has to go to the internet and read the daily write-ups about practices and see if they measure up. The team’s stats from last year are irrelevant if the team has gone through a lot of changes, so you need to know what those changes are and what they mean. One must also check injuries, team conditioning and chemistry. There's been many a fight during these hot months of preparation. When looking at the players coming in, you need to get a sense of who they are and what role they are likely to fill on each team.
2) Learn about last year’s redshirts:
This is often overlooked by college football handicappers. I love to know if there is someone special coming in to take the place of a superstar that just departed. Someone just under the radar. Most teams have several players coming off a redshirt year. It’s more likely in most cases that redshirts will make an impact on the team than true freshmen will.
3) Does this team have a third year starter QB:
Similar to a veteran offensive line, a quarterback with a lot of experience under his belt can give his team a lift early on. At the college level, covering pointspreads or not, often depends on having an experienced QB. He not only has confidence in himself, but with the team as well. He has a certain swagger and the game has slowed down for a 3rd year starter.
4) Veteran offensive lines are the "key":
The best shortcut for finding college teams that will be ready to be competitive at the start of the football season is to find ones that will be starting five upperclassmen on the offensive line. This is more profound early in the season as the oddsmakers will make adjustments by week 3, so a veteran O-line will pay dividends to smart gamblers.
5) Know the "cupcake" early schedules:
The betting public attaches a lot of significance to the records of teams. In non-conference play, though, the records can be a terrible indicator of how good a team is actually performing. A BCS conference team could have a 4-0 record while still playing very poorly if they have scheduled a weak non-conference schedule. Be aware that the polls are useless this year as it comes down to a Committee to vote on the four (4) teams to make the National Championship playoff. They say that strength of schedule is very important, but there is no written criteria determining that is so. This will be monitored weekly by tuning into more of the coaches press conferences and hearing their comments about teams they play and blowouts they produce.
6) Be aware of coaching changes:
The coaching ranks in college football are like a revolving door.  New coaches bring new styles and new energy, so it is very important to get a sense of who is new and what impact it will have on their teams. The more a coach will be looking to change the offensive and defensive styles, the rougher the initial season could be. This is a "key" factor. Some coaches should not disturb everything in the system and ease change in while motivating their players. Additionally, a change in offensive or defensive coordinator can have a significant impact on the team, and if the change wasn’t a high profile one then the betting public could miss out on the significance of it. This can certainly affect the smart bettors football picks.
Happy Hunting and have a profitable betting season. See you at