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Submitted by Wayne Allyn Root on Monday, July 28, 2014 at 6:06 PM


The purpose of preseason football is to build up the regular football season bankroll with as little risk as possible. And with more and more information that is accumulated by "the King of Vegas Sports Gambling" Wayne Allyn Root, there are FANTASTIC wagering opportunities in preseason football! If you haven't put your bankroll together for the upcoming 2014 Football Season's time to start. Read on and I'll tell you why!!

The NFL preseason gets in gear with all 32 training camps opening later in the week. There are over 3000 players set with one motto in mind: "The team you remember from last year may not be the same team this year." And along with those thoughts add these: This Preseason wagering may be the easiest ever. And I'll tell you why. The Oddsmaker has to put up lines on all 16 games, while I get to HAND PICK 2 OR 3 key games for each week in which to bet....WITH CRITICAL INFORMATION!!


Let's first discuss the difference between wagering in the past and the present. What makes this season different from years past? What is the key to profitability this year? The availability of information direct to Wayne Allyn Root. The average fan does not have access to the information that Wayne Root has. If there is certain information that needs to get into the right hands, the calls come directly to the man the media loves to call "America's Handicapper." Let's analyze the "information" that WAR receives on a daily basis and "why" it will produce more winners by playing less games.

1) Coaches will tell us who is playing and for how long. During the regular season it's both teams at full steam ahead. But in certain preseason games, the starters may rest for one team and play 75% of the game for the other team....and the pointspread is still -3. It all depends on what the coach wants to accomplish that week. With this years crop of new talent, those coaches decisions will have an impact on the pointspread. WAR will have that information....AHEAD OF TIME!!!!! (ADVANTAGE #1 TO THE BETTOR)

2) The Quarterback rotations are information that is critical and which I have direct access. Additionally, teams that have 2 or 3 excellent QB's put together a winning game more often than those with true second and third stringers. Some teams are blessed with backup QB's that are talented enough to be starters on other teams. Teams with QB controversies are teams to back in wagering. Battles involving the Number 1 QB spot are great bets. Those QB's will play like it's November! (ADVANTAGE #2 TO THE BETTOR)

3) Coaches game plans are as solid as one will ever see in preseason games. The object for many coaches has little to do with winning and more to do with evaluating talent. Some teams will be forced to spend $30 million more on salaries than they did last season. So this will involve many new faces to evaluate and to allow multiple "reps" for the starters. During the regular season, all the NFL teams' starters are going 100% against the other teams' starters. This is a great situation to find...and WAR spends hours with this analysis. (ADVANTAGE #3 TO THE BETTOR)

4) Added incentive to win by last year's bad teams. This is true as the coach wants to wipe out the memory of last year's results. The battle for roster spots are more prevalent among bad teams than last year's playoff teams. The good teams are usually set at most key positions. But with bad teams, Preseason is an opportunity for a rookie or a second stringer to make the starting squad. (SLIGHT ADVANTAGE ONLY)

5) Talented teams rarely have anything to prove in preseason games. Their are some teams where their coaches show that they do not mind going 0-4 in preseason year after year. They know THEIR season begins in September...not in August. This poses many profitable betting situations.

6) Veteran Coaches have less incentive to win as compared to rookie or newer coaches. Some new coaches use a 4-0 or 3-1 preseason to spark more fan interest and more season ticket sales. They use the preseason as a RAH RAH celebration for the players to gain momentum to start the regular season. They build on that preseason success and gear it towards the regular season. (ADVANTAGE #5 FOR THE BETTOR)

This is the only time of the year where calculated inside information plays such an important role in sports wagering. Wayne Allyn Root knows how to find these gems. WAR is on the receiving end to this valuable information. WAR uses preseason to not only increase his own bankroll, but he understands the importance of building "the Root faithful's" bankroll up for the regular season
And before one knows's August 28th and time for Mississippi vs Boise St game and then August 30th and time for the Alabama vs West Virginia contest and a slate of college football games to kick off the 2014 college football season.
Use your common sense, proper judgement and join WAYNE ALLYN ROOT for the current 2014 FOOTBALL Season. I promise each of you a very profitable season! We go to W.A.R. with the bookmakers each and every day! And I’m still standing tall after 29 years of battle; over three MILLION calls from American sports bettors wanting my advice; nine books; and thousands of TV and radio appearances.

Be sure to go to each and every day.

Wayne Allyn Root, 2014 Football