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Submitted by Wayne Allyn Root on Friday, January 16, 2015 at 12:00 AM






Game 1

One of the beauties of college basketball is added information...make that current information. In football, if Ohio St get defeated by Wisconsin, it's one year until they have a re-match. Many things change with-in a year's time. But in college basketball, if Ohio St get embarrassed and blown out by Wisconsin, they may meet again in 2 to 3 weeks. These factor must be weighed and measured. Game 1 needs to by analyzed and studied with questions asked if there was a valid reason for the blowout. Were they over matched or out played? Was the pointspread a trap and how has game 2's pointspread changed. Did Ohio St have a "key" injury early forcing them to change the way they matched up against Wisconsin? These are great questions to ask leading to a much improved forecast as we look forward to the re-match.


The Re-match

As stated, pay attention to the first match-up because they will be playing each other in a return game in the next few weeks. They also may meet in their Conference Tournament. You want to take a look at where the location of the second game is being held as a measuring stick for the game. Since these basketball teams play twice almost every year you can look at trends for how the teams fair against each other as home team and road team which is extra information in addition to their game 1 outcome. Look for recent 1 to 2 year history to see it there are trends based on the rosters. If the college teams seem to have a pattern of winning on the opponent’s home court, then it might be wise to take the away team to win the game. By simply looking at the site of where the game is being played, sports bettors will be able to read a lot into the possible outcome of the game. But do not go back more than 3 to 4 game match-ups as rosters are always changing. I do not assume it is an automatic bet based on those results. The entire team may have graduated (when looking for last years results) and a new trend can be exposed. Sometimes this can fool the new bettor into simply looking at the last match-up between the two teams when making their decision on who to bet on. However, it is not as simple as that, but there are many current factors that go into that second conference game that can make college basketball handicappers much more successful when betting on the second conference game.


Added Profits for Astute Bettors

Take a look at the first game and see if there are any players that will or will not be playing in the second go around. If players are playing injured or have been struggling lately that could make a big difference. Also, you should look at the first game and see if either team did anything out of character in the first match-up. For instance, if in the first game the entire Ohio St team was in foul trouble and was unable to play their style of basketball because of it, they may have better luck the second time go around with a more sound strategy of how to get into their style of basketball. The first game is a good way to tell if the other basketball team will be able to make adjustments for the second game and how they will be able to accomplish it. Additionally, the level of motivation that a college coach has to give his players for the second game might be of more importance. If the game is at the end of the season and the team is a bubble team, they might want an impressive win with this game to stay alive, so astute college basketball handicappers should take a look at the motivation for each team at the second go around. This is where we up our bets when we have completed our work.


Successful Results

Remember, there is much work to do. Homework, extra effort and research. Hours and hours of preparation for successful results. There may be times that you spend 2 to 3 hours researching and handicapping for an 2 hour game. But that's exactly what it takes to continue to beat the Vegas number for 29 years. Hard work and a little luck makes the bankroll HUGE!!