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Submitted by Wayne Allyn Root on Tuesday, December 9, 2014 at 11:15 AM


by Wayne Allyn Root
WOW! It's amazing how the season revolves from the start to now with all the peaks and valleys. Green Bay began the season losing and opening up the NFC North. Seattle was written off until the "No-Mercy" Percy trade to the Jets and have now come roaring back to be a game behind Arizona and looking to defend their Super Bowl title. Then we got to witness New England get blown out at Kansas City and the downfall of the Bill and Tom duo.They have now won 7 of 8, only losing in a good road game to the Packers. The Denver Broncos have lost 3 games this season but are now poised to send it home in a mostly uncontested division. So maybe this seasons final four is set; Green Bay and Seattle in the NFC and Denver and New England in the AFC.
1) GREEN BAY---This says it all: The Packers have scored more TD's (44) than having to punt (40) this season. They are unblemished at home and Rodgers has thrown for 20 touchdowns at home without a pick. If they get home field advantage, it's a trip to Arizona for the Super Bowl.
2) NEW ENGLAND---The Patriots hold the tiebreaker over #3 Denver. What a great game they just won after dropping one to the Packers the prior week and having to travel 3500 miles to San Diego. Nice job in not losing back to back. Now it's revenge time to the Dolphins.
3) DENVER---The Broncos let the Bills back in the game last Sunday allowing a cover but still got the win. This week it's off to the races again as they will be tested in San Diego. Manning and the Broncos have won 11 straight divisional road games so it will be interesting to see if they can win and cover the 4 point spread.
4) SEATTLE---The Seahawks are poised to defend but need to keep the pressure on Arizona as they are still one game behind. But after defeating the Eagles, it's looking much better for them. Their defense has been incredible limiting the Eagles, Cardinals and 49ers to season scoring lows. They are hosting the 49ers this week and are a huge favorite against the once mighty.
5) PHILADELPHIA---The Eagles surprised a few in their home loss to the Seahawks Sunday. Their running game is improving by having more designed plays so balance is set for Chip Kelly's December run. This Sunday night is a very anticipated game against the Cowboys. That game will be the defining point in the NFC East.
6) ARIZONA---It was great to see the Cardinals get off their 2 game losing streak by defeating the Kansas City Chiefs. Equally nice was seeing the return of Larry Fitzpatrick at wide out. That has to help any quarterback whether they get the ball to him or not. The Cardinals play a Thursday night game at St Louis. It's no surprise that the Rams are favored the way they handle games within their own division. Maybe there's a surprise in store for this contest.
7) DALLAS---The Cowboys took care of the Bears last week but didn't close the show the way they should have on defense. Not sure if they became complacent in the 4th quarter but they need to play hard and smart for the entire game. This week is their biggest test so far this year by playing on the road at Philadelphia where they are a 3.5 underdog.
8) INDIANAPOLIS---The Colts really have little reason to win. They are 8-4 and the Texans are 6-6. They have little shot at home field advantage during the playoffs. It should be a no-brainer in winning their division. But with that being said, they did squeeze out a win by 1 point against the Browns. Speaking of the Texans, maybe the Colts should put on their game faces as they play them this Sunday at home. They are a 6.5 favorite against a JJ Watts led defense.
9) DETROIT---Megatron, Reggie and Matt. Along with their strong defense could make for the rest of the season very interesting. They did a solid job against the Buccaneers and scored the win that was expected. This week they play a team that can win within their division in the form of the Vikings. They better not look past Minnesota even as they are the host. This is usually the time of the year where the Lions shoot themselves in their foot.
10) CINCINNATI---The Bengals dropped a big game to a team they seem to dominate. The Steelers came into town a stole a win from them. Andy Dalton better learn real fast how to win in December. The Bengal fans have enough talent so now they need leadership from the Coach and his top General. The meet the Browns in Cleveland where they may see Johnny Football get his first start.
11) San Diego---The Chargers were up 14-13 for so long. How did you not shut down the Patriots?
12) Baltimore---The Ravens and Flacco looked good against the Dolphins keeping the pressure on Cincy
13) Miami---They are supposed to win at home. Now it's a re-match at New England....Good Luck!
14) Pittsburgh---Ben and Company played great on the road and won big at Cincinnati. At Atlanta next.
15) San Francisco---The Seahawks put the 49ers out of their misery this week.