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Submitted by Wayne Allyn Root on Monday, February 2, 2015 at 12:00 AM

Wayne Root 2014 Season Wrap-Up




By Wayne Allyn Root


This was a great season.


I hit big game winners from beginning to end.


We cleaned up versus the Sportsbooks.


But the Seattle Super Bowl loss was perhaps THE toughest loss I've ever seen in any game in my 30 years picking point spread winners.


What a lousy way to end a great season- with a SURE THING victory 1 yard away…and they never get in.


That pass play was the worst call in Super Bowl history.


You have only 2 choices there…either run the ball 3 times with "The Beast" to gain 1 yard…


Or roll out QB Russell Wilson with the option of running it in…or throwing only to a WIDE OPEN receiver (preferably a Tight End)…or throw it away…so "The Beast" has 2 more shots.


But you cannot let the QB drop back to pass from the pocket, risking a sack/fumble... or INT with a pass into the middle and one inch separation. Never.


Anyway I've vented. What's done is done.


I did want to let you all know why I picked Seattle..


First, as you know I never bet on the public team. The masses of dumb amateurs were all over the New England Patriots:


I never bet with the public, because the public is almost always wrong. When the public is overwhelmingly on one side, they are never right. The amateurs who have no clue what they are doing were all on New England.


Second, I always bet on a superior D (defense) in a championship game. 


In this case it was the #1 D in the NFL in every category. 


In the history of the Super Bowl the #1 D had never lost a game (except for 1969 when #1 D in NFC lost to #1 D of AFC). So never before in 49 years did a #1 D lose a Super Bowl to anyone not also ranked #1.


And sure enough Seattle had the game wrapped up with 10 point lead in 4th quarter. No team in Super Bowl history had every overcome a 10 point 4th quarter deficit…let alone against a #1 D.


And even though our banged-up D did eventually give up that 10 point lead…


There we were 1 yard away from victory with :28 seconds left.


This was supposed to be another patented Wayne Root win.


My 21-8 lifetime Super Bowl record against the point spread was supposed to move to 22-8.


But it wasn't to be.


We had a great year. We won a lot of money. We lost the very last game on a fluke. 


We can't change that. So let it go.


Any season where we make money…and in this case SERIOUS MONEY…is a good season!


See you all next year.


God bless,