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Submitted by Wayne Allyn Root on Monday, May 11, 2015 at 7:24 PM

Wayne Root: I Told You NBA Surprises Were in Store!

As a disappointingly boring first round of the NBA Playoffs was wrapping up, I alerted you that the stage was set for a bunch of surprises in Round Two. But, even THE KING OF UPSETS was a bit surprised when all the pre-series favorites fell behind 2-1 in their matchups.

*Top seed in the East Atlanta fell behind 2-1 to underdog Washington even though Wizards star John Wall suffered a fractured wrist! The Hawks were favored by four points this past Saturday, yet trailed by 21 in the fourth quarter before rallying to suffer a buzzer beater loss. Would the Hawks be down 3-0 if Wall hadn't been injured? (Game Four is Monday night, and Atlanta is favored by -4.5 in a must-win scenario).

*Top seed in the West Golden State was stunned as a 10-point home favorite in Game Two of its series with Memphis. Then, in one of the ultimate bounce back spots of all time, were stunned AGAIN in Game Three! Golden State's inability to adjust as the supposed "best team in the league" had "experts" scratching their heads the whole way through. WAYNE ALLYN ROOT clients weren't scratching their heads...we were cashing another ticket! But, I have to admit that even I was bit surprised that Memphis had such a big lead most of the night. I recognized the clear value of a talented "built for the playoffs" home dog at +4. I honestly didn't expect an exact replay of Game Two (read the boxscores...category by category it's almost an exact replay!) Golden State is -4 in Game Four Monday Night in Memphis.

*Cleveland and Chicago are in a heckuva series that opened with an underdog win...and was soon followed by a pair of buzzer beater toss-ups that the teams split. The Cavs were without Kevin Love entering the series, and then saw Kyrie Irving hobbled by an injury. Chicago lost Pau Gasol, though many insiders thought that might help them in this particular matchup. (I did, and we cashed this ticket even though Cleveland won straight up at the buzzer laying -2.5). Can either of these teams shake the other? Cleveland is currently -5.5 Tuesday when they host Game Five.

*The Los Angeles Clippers didn't lose a step after vanquishing the defending champion San Antonio Spurs. They humiliated the Houston Rockets in Game One, even though Chris Paul had to sit out with a hamstring injury. They now lead 3-1 after obliterating second-seeded Houston twice at Staples Center. My loss this past weekend came from taking a flyer on the Rockets at a value price in a game they had to show up for. They didn't...but 75% is a success rate I'll take at any time. It's certainly been a surprise to the markets that the Clippers have been so dominant. All three of their covers have been by blowout margins. After being +7.5 and +8 in Houston in the first two games of the series, the Clippers are now -2 in Tuesday's Game Five. Amazing that a line could adjust that much. Chris Paul is great...but he's not worth 10 points!

I'm very much looking forward to the rest of the second round, and then the conference championships. It's great to hear fans talking about how we may see a Championship Finals featuring Memphis and Washington, or the LA Clippers and Chicago. Remember when everyone assumed Golden State/Cleveland was a lock? Or when Golden State/Atlanta took over when Kevin Love got hurt? The pre-playoff favorites still have time to get their ships righted. But, for now...

*Golden State isn't playing nearly as well as people expected, and could find trouble in the next round even if they survive Memphis (which the market still has them favored to do).

*Atlanta isn't playing nearly as well as expected either. "The Spurs of the East" have turned back into a pumpkin...with nervous shot-taking and tentative defense. It's true for both Golden State and Atlanta...if they don't make their treys they're in trouble!

*Cleveland is so banged up that it's very hard to take them seriously as a championship threat. Will they have any healthy bodies left in a week? LeBron James is already showing signs of wear and tear from having to carry the team on his back in this series.

*From the rest...Chicago can't be trusted to hold onto a lead...Washington has a pretty serious "gag mode" as well...Houston looks to be toast given how badly they've played...that leaves Memphis and the LA Clippers who are currently in the right form. Does that just mean that the Griz and Clippers are the next teams to get shocked?!

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Back again next Monday to talk about shocker potential in the conference finals. You've seen that the world has turned upside down in the NBA Playoffs. When things "don't make sense," that's when my clients make money! It's time for YOU to go to W.A.R alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!