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Submitted by Wayne Allyn Root on Saturday, November 15, 2014 at 1:46 PM


by Wayne Allyn Root
This is what College football is all about. The highs and lows. The ebb and tide. The fumble by Utah turning a 14-0 game into a 7-7 momentum changer. Then rewarded as the Committee moves them into the Top 4. Incredible. To top it off, they even jumped Florida St. Alabama goes where few have returned with a W into Cajun Country just to see TCU jump them. Now that's a high for the Horned Frogs but a low-blow for the Crimson. Notre Dame had no Irish Luck in the desert as the Sun set on ASU. They couldn't give points away fast enough. For weeks it was said that Ohio St was going nowhere even if they defeated Michigan St. It's not only Ohio St with all it's history and alma mater but it's URBAN MEYER'S Ohio St team (we know about juice in Vegas). They jumped 9 spots. This week we see Bama vs Miss St and Florida St playing old foe, Miami. Trust me when I say the following, before it's Dec 7th, there may be 4 more different teams that we'll be betting on in January.
1) MISSISSIPPI ST--The Bulldogs had the week off last week so they went to Tennessee and had a light workout with UT Martin. How did UT Martin score 16 points is the question? This week it's THE BIG GAME. It's time to travel to visit the Legend of Bear Bryant. There are no tickets for this game unless you have $5000 and don't mind the end zone. Bama opened up a TD chalk. This will be a great game.....a high for one and a low for another.
2) OREGON---The Ducks ducked out of a 14-0 deficit with one of the strangest happenings in college football in a long time by grabbing a fumble and running 100 yards for a TD. It was a momentum changer and left Utah in total shock and disbelief. They turned it into a 51-27 win and a jump to number 2 in the polls. Now they get to bask in their glory and hang out on a bye week. Next up is Colorado on the road.
3) FLORIDA ST.---If they keep pushing back Jameis Winston's hearing back any more, he'll be in the NFL. Last week it was more of the same as FSU overcame a Virginia team and won 34-20. Other than The Citadel and Wake Forest, there have been no blow-outs and many games played from behind. No half-time lead is safe when playing the Noles. This week it's Miami's turn to outscore them in the first half and see what happens the 2nd half. The Seminoles opened up a small field goal favorite.
4) TCU---The Horned Frogs kicked the Wildcat's butt last week. They sent them home no longer in the hunt for January consideration with a 41-20 huge win. TCU played a difficult well coached squad and played to their averages of 47 points scored and 22 points allowed. This week is a week to throw in some eye-candy for the Selection Committee as they are a 28 point favorite against Kansas...on the road.
5) ALABAMA---I thought for sure that Bama would move up if they grabbed a win at LSU. As it stands today, they would be left out of the party of the year. One would think that beating #21 A&M, # 11 Ole Miss and #16 LSU, would be enough. Well that's OK says Nick Saban. They control their own destiny as they hosts Mississippi St. Wouldn't that be funny if they get the win this week and forget to show up in the Iron Bowl vs Auburn?
6) ARIZONA ST---I was very proud of the boys from the desert just south of us. The Sun Devils kick Notre Dame where the Sun don't shine. ND QB Golson gave it all he had including a ton of turnovers which the Devils turned into 21 points right from the start. After getting it close in the 2nd half, 34-31, ASU pulled away and won 55-31. This week they are a 10 point chalk on the road at Oregon St.
7) BAYLOR---Talking about highs and lows. When did it reverse course and have Baylor go to Oklahoma in Boomer Sooner Country and walk out of there with a 48-14 victory? Does Barry Switzer have to come back and return football royalty back to them? Total embarrassment unless you're Baylor. This Baylor team is the same team that gave TCU it's only loss. This week they're on a bye week and then they host Oklahoma St.
8) OHIO STATE---When QB Barrett played his first game against Virginia Tech and lost 35-21 it was said that OSU was finished. But the Selection Committee in not as harsh. They take that into consideration along with the 3 offensive linemen that were out for the same game. Now let's fast forward to a game that WAR saw coming for weeks. Wayne Root is a study and fan of Coach Urban Meyer. Hat's off to a solid performance last week on the road defeating Michigan St 49-37. This week will not be the time for a letdown as much improved Minnesota, now ranked 25th, would love to kick your celebrating butt. OSU is a double digit road favorite.
9) AUBURN---The Tigers never saw it coming. Texas A&M quarterback, Allen, had an incredible afternoon as they upset Auburn 41-38. This is the same A&M team that big brother Alabama defeated 59-0. It won't get any easier as they get to play between the hedges at Georgia. The Bulldogs opened up 2.5 favorite. It seems that there is more prep and attention given to the upcoming auction of Auburn's Coach Gus Malzahn's last years Iron Bowl Sweater vest up for sale. Do they know that Bulldogs can bite?
10) MISSISSIPPI---The Ole Miss Rebels got back in the win column after losses to LSU and Auburn. They defeated powerhouse Presbyterian 48-0. At least it was a shutout. Now they get to take a week off and rest after last weeks contest. (why would anyone schedule a week off after that game last week?). In two weeks, they play Arkansas. Their last meaningful win was October 4th against Alabama. Maybe the only thing left is the Egg Bowl.