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Commonly Asked Questions

What if I have a problem?

For any problems, issues or questions, please eMail:
Hollis Barnhart, WinningEDGE General Manager at:
For any billing inquiries our mailing address is:
Cool Hand Root LLC
2505 Anthem Village Drive Ste 318
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PH 702 407-5548

I cannot remember my password. How can I get it?

There is a forgot password link on the login page. Clicking it will send you to a page where you can enter your email address. We will then reset your password randomly and email it to the matching email address we have on file. You may then use this new password to login and change your password to anything you like.

You can go directly to this page by clicking here.

Where are the plays that I bought?

When you log into the website, there is a link for your services under your name.

How do I change my account information?

You can do this on the account settings page by clicking here.

What is a spread?

The spread is the number assigned by the oddsmakers to draw betting action on both teams. If Team A is considered a better team the oddsmakers will make them the favorite by assigning a number such as -7. At the end of the game, you deduct 7 points from the favorite’s score to determine the winning team against the spread.

For example, if New York was a 7 point favorite over Dallas and the final score of the game was New York 24, Dallas 21, you deduct 7 points from New York and the adjusted score beomes Dallas 21, New York 17. This means Dallas covered the pointspread by 4 points.

What is a play?

A play is the handicapper’s selection on a game. It can be either a side (team to win against the pointspread) or total (over or under the total points scored by both teams combined).

What does it mean to give a handicap on a game?

Handicapping is using stats, scheduling situations, weather, coaching and other information to determine which team to use as a play in a particular game.

What is an underdog?

The underdog is the team not favored to win the game

When I get a play saying, “teamA” or “teamB” +/- points, what does that mean?

This is the same as a pointspread or spread. See “What is a spread?”

What are points?

This is the same as a pointspread or spread. See “What is a spread?”

What does it mean “plus” or “minus” (+/-) points?

This is the same as a pointspread or spread. See “What is a spread?”

What is the line?

This is the same as a pointspread or spread. See “What is a spread?”

What does OVER/UNDER mean?

This is a play where the total amount of points in a game. (The combined scores from both teams.) Must be either “over” or “under” a given target number.

What does it mean when I get a play saying “teamA/teamB OVER” or “teamA/teamB UNDER”?

This means the play is based on the total amount of points from both teams combined to be either over or under a given point total from the sportsbooks.

The play is not telling which team will win.

Do I have to sign up?

You do not have to sign up to watch the videos, get free plays and read the blogs and articles.

Are there guaranteed plays?

Our Wayne Root Replacement Guarantee Policy:

  • Wayne’s Games Win…or they are replaced with another one.
  • This policy applies only to SINGLE GAME purchases (e.g. Pinnacle, Millionaires, Billionaires, No Limit, etc).
  • Wayne’s ROOT TRUST Weekend Value Pass and Weekday All Day Pass are not included in the Replacement Guarantee. Wayne’s ROOT TRUST Value Pass has won at a 70% pace for its entire history (3 years). The ROOT TRUST is already sold at a sensational discount.
    It is not replaceable.
  • The replacement games themselves are not replaceable (as they are free in the first place).
    To redeem replacement plays please email


We define our CUSTOMER SERVICE to include quick, helpful, creative, and courteous responses. If you are anything like the boss around here (Wayne Allyn Root), then you do not have time to wait around for someone to get back to you…either later or never. Wayne demands that things get done right…and FAST!

The General Manager for and Cool Hand Root LLC is HOLLIS BARNHART. Contact him at and he will respond in 10 MINUTES (or less) to deal with your question, issue, problem, or request. Hollis ALWAYS has a winning solution.

That’s the Wayne Allyn Root GUARANTEE!

Do you know when I log into the site?

Yes. Every time you log in, we record that data to prevent customers from trying to commit fraud.

Why is my IP Address logged?

Credit card fraud is a problem online and this allows us to protect ourselves.

I cannot see the plays I bought a while ago, what gives?

When the games have started we stop selling the plays on the site. About an hour after the games have started we remove the plays from the site entirely.

Do the handicappers release plays everyday in every sport?

No. They pick and choose the best games to offer up. They believe in quality over quantity.

Is buying online safe?

Yes, the transactions are encrypted and safe.

Which credit cards do you accept?

Visa, American Express, Master-card and Discover Card.