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Wayne Root 80 Percent Moneyline Football
I KNOW HOW TO BEAT THIS GAME! Wayne Allyn Root shows you the simplest breakthrough of all time! Bet the same combination of straight bets and money line bets that made my players 167% profit last year!

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The Root Trust 2017 Football Season 5
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Wayne Root Trust Football
What do you want out of football? Some great games some of the time? Or ALL great games ALL of the time? Then you want the ROOT TRUST

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Wayne Root 2017 Money Line Baseball Club

Betting baseball plays right into my handicapping style. My reputation in this town is "The King of Upsets", for all the outright dog winners I’’ve connected on over the years. In baseball, these "upsets" happen so often they don’’t even call them "upsets"!

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PINNACLE Football - One Day Only
Wayne Root's AFC Game of the Month, Sunday
Not just any ole game! This is the real McCoy.The one you'll talk about at the water cooler tomorrow! Wayne has spotted the right game that has all the ingredients needed for this winner. Stats, trends and emotional points of reference all point to one side, the side Wayne Root is pounding!!




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INNER CIRCLE Football - One Day Only

Wayne Root's Contrarian Underdog Game of the Month, Sunday

Wayne loves the Dogs. Wayne really loves the Home Underdogs! He has won over 1000's OUTRIGHT since the year 2000. That does not include the greater number of dogs that just covered the pointspread. The Man is a Legend having produced dog after dog winner for 33 years.

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PERFECT PLAY Football - One Day Only
B=L=O=W=O=U=T   ATS   R=O=U=T


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NO LIMIT Football - One Day Only
Wayne loved money management. He says to throw it out on this game tonight as there is NO LIMIT ON THE BETTING AMOUNT on this game tonight. Wayne always WINS with THESE PLAYS!

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MILLIONAIRE Football One Day Only



Wayne Allyn Root is quite simply the most honored professional sports handicapper and Vegas oddsmaker in the world. This national handicapping champion has been profiled by CNBC, Wall Street Journal, CNN/Money, Fortune, Success, Entrepreneur, Millionaire, Worth, Equities, The Financial Times of London, and many more. He is the brand name of sports handicapping. The media has called Wayne "the King of Vegas" "The Face of Las Vegas Gambling," and "America's Oddsmaker."

Wayne is the only sports handicapper or oddsmaker in history honored with his own star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars (on Las Vegas Blvd. in front of New York New York).

Wayne is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, TV and radio host, television producer, and the Founder/Creator of WinningEDGE.com, the most popular sports handicapping & information web site in the world. His advice has been featured on many of America's most popular TV networks. The media has estimated that over a billion dollars per year is wagered on Wayne's advice.

Wayne's childhood dream was to become the Jimmy "The Greek" of his generation. Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder was the legendary Vegas oddsmaker who predicted football winners for CBS television during the decades of the 70's and 80's. At the age of 16, the New York media dubbed Wayne "the next Jimmy The Greek" and "the Betting Whizkid."

By the time Wayne was 27, he was named Network Oddsmaker and NFL Analyst for CNBC (at the time known as Financial News Network). He was one of the youngest anchormen and hosts on American TV- with his TV partner Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder. Wayne went on to host many television shows for FNN Sports such as "Who Beat the Spead?" "The FNN Zone," "Fantasy Football Weekly," "The Fan Speaks Out," and "Huddle Up." He also anchored their all-day sports news programming.

"Wayne's the king of handicappers-he's the Warren Buffett of his world."
-James J. Cramer, CNBC Host
Host of "Mad Money"

"The Oddsmaker of everything in the world."
Donny Deutsch, Host

"Wayne Allyn Root is The Face of Las Vegas Gaming...(Wayne) has built a talent for picking football winners into a TV sports prognosticating empire."
-Las Vegas Sun

"Wayne Allyn Root is perhaps the leading sports handicapper in the country... Root has made a fortune-with a business that looks and feels like a brokerage house, Vegas-style. It's Wall Street versus Wayne's Street!"
-CNBC Profile on Wayne Allyn Root

"The Odds King of Las Vegas."
-Bill Griffith, Host

"The Prince of Prognosticators"
-Gannett Newspapers

"Wayne Allyn Root is an American gambling legend."
-John O'Reilly, Managing Director
The World's Largest Legal Bookmaker

"The Benjamin Graham of Gambling."
-Fortune Magazine

"Wayne Allyn Root takes a page from classy casino king Steve Wynn."
-Equities magazine

"Wayne Allyn Root-A Vegas King Gambles on the White House!"
-CNN Money

"Wayne Allyn Root is a Las Vegas legend..."
-The Financial Times

"Wayne's success is mind-blowing-talking to Wayne Allyn Root is like talking to Tony Robbins."
-FOX News Las Vegas

"The Las Vegas Walk of Stars honored Las Vegas sports handicapper, author, television host and commentator Wayne Allyn Root as the newest recipient of a star on the Strip in front of the New York-New York."
-Las Vegas Review Journal

"...the Charles Schwab of the weekend-Want some help picking the NCAA winner? Wayne Allyn Root can help- for a price."
-The Wall Street Journal

"What Wayne wants, Wayne Root gets."
-Reason magazine

Go to www.WinningEDGE.com for Wayne's advice, analysis, and articles.

Wayne's star on Las Vegas Blvd. is inscribed "MOTION PICTURE HALL OF FAME: In tribute to Wayne Allyn Root for his lifetime achievement and contribution to the world prominence of Las Vegas 8-15-2006."