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Rocketman Sports cashed again last year in the NFL preseason and is documented hitting 60% the past 3 years combined in NFL Preseason action!  Rocketman finished 2nd in the Prestigious Las Vegas Hilton SuperContest back in 2003!  13 out of 15 winning football seasons in the history of Rocketman Sports!  14 out of 15 overall winning years in all sports combined in the history of Rocketman Sports!  It all starts Thursday!  Join us!

Rocky Atkinson from Rocketman Sports has been handicapping since 1996. During that time we have had several #1 finishes in various sports and numerous Top 5 and Top 10 finishes at several monitors. Consistency is the name of the game and we do it well. STOP GAMBLING and START INVESTING and remember that Sports Wagering is a marathon and not a sprint. We handicap NFL, CFB, NBA, CBB, NHL, MLB and Nascar currently. Rocketman is known for honesty, integrity, hard work, and plain out just winning money for his long term clients. Rocketman has been gambling since 1987 and learned that gambling and investing/handicapping are two entirely different things. Back when Rocketman was a "gambler", we played way too many games and made lots of mistakes with money management. We learned that money management is one of the KEY Ingredients to winning. We finished #2 in the Prestigious Las Vegas Hilton Super Contest in 2003 winning $83,300 with our team of cappers. Here are our results broken down by sport since we started capping back in 1996. CFB (12 of 15 winning years in College Football including documented #1 in 2002 hitting 62%! NFL (10 of 15 winning NFL Seasons including 68% in 2006-2007) NBA (12 of 15 winning overall NBA Seasons including 11 straight winning NBA Regular seasons to start off) CBB (12 of 15 winning CBB Seasons) NHL (12 of 14 winning NHL Seasons) MLB (11 of 15 winning MLB Seasons) NASCAR (7 of 9 winning seasons!!) We invite you to join us daily on this site and experience the thrill of winning consistently!!!

Years in Business 16

Area of Expertise  ACC and SEC

Handicapping Style:
We use various ingredients for our winning recipes in the different sports. We use a lot of statistics along with trends. We also create our own power ratings for each sport including six sets of power ratings in the NBA. We are usually a low volume, quality over quantity sports service. We have a money management system and try to get clients to understand the reason why you don't play too many games. All plays are rated 1-5 units with 5 being the highest.

Personal Message:
Rocky started Rocketman Sports with the vision of making his clients money on a long term basis year in and year out. We feel strongly we are one of the best overall handicappers in the world today. One of our slogans is to "STOP GAMBLING AND START INVESTING!" Also remember that wagering on sports is a MARATHON NOT A SPRINT. We may lose some of the sprints but its the marathon that really counts. Don't feel like you have to play every single day because sometimes its better to simply take a pass and wait on something better to come along the next day.

Rocketman was the documented #1 overall handicapper in the world in 2004 at The Professional Handicappers League!