Wayne Allyn Root

30 Years in Business
Over 3 Million Sports Bettors Served (& Counting)

Wayne Root’s ***PINNACLE*** GAME OF THE MONTH, Saturday
Wayne Root No Limit Football Season
  • Wayne Root No Limit Football Season $249.00
  • Wayne Root No Limit Football Pre-Season $149.00
I have figured out how to make you rich - if you have the ambition and the sticktuitiveness. After all, if we’re both playing the same games, why can’t we both make the same money?

The Root Trust 2017 Football Season
  • $2499.00
What do you want out of football? Some great games some of the time? Or ALL great games ALL of the time? Then you want the ROOT TRUST

Wayne Root Reality Football
  • Wayne Root Reality Football - 2 Week Trial $39.00
  • Wayne Root Reality Football - 2017 Season $249.00
When my players get a dozen points over the line, that’s not make believe. And when they collect $200, $300 or even $500 on a $100 bet, that’s not fantasy... That’s reality! Root Reality.
Start making plans. Because YOU and I have a date with Lady Luck. You are destined to have the season of your life and I am destined to be the man that gives it to you!

Wayne Root Pinnacle Play Baseball Service
  • Wayne Root Pinnacle Play Baseball Service $699.00
  • Wayne Root Pinnacle Play Baseball Service - 1 Day $49.00

Wayne Root 2017 Money Line Baseball Club
  • One Week $175.00
  • Half Season $229.00
  • Full Season $349.00

Betting baseball plays right into my handicapping style. My reputation in this town is "The King of Upsets", for all the outright dog winners I’’ve connected on over the years. In baseball, these "upsets" happen so often they don’’t even call them "upsets"!

Pinnacle Plays - Baseball - ONE DAY ONLY
  • $39.00
Wayne Root's ***PINNACLE*** GAME OF THE MONTH, Saturday 
FINAL SCORE PREDICTION: 6-1 in a solid win. This is the type of game that you wait for and THEN BET UNTIL THEY SAY "NO MORE". You will love this GAME OF THE MONTH for sure!! These ***PINNACLE***WINNERS are on FIRE. 

Kelso Sturgeon

The Dean of America’s Handicappers

Kelso Sturgeon is the King of Big Play Basketball.
Saturday’s Plays
Kelso 25-Unit Underdog Game Of Week Scores Saturday
  • $20.00
25-Unit Underdog Game Of Week Scores Saturday. I’ve Won Last Three 25-Unit Chairman’s Club Plays, and win #4 comes Saturday.

Kelso 50-Unit Saturday Baseball Blowout
  • $25.00
50-Unit Baseball Blowout Rocks Bookmakers Saturday. This Mismatch Has 95% Chance To Win And Will Set Stage For A Dynamite Weekend

Kelso MLB Total Highlights 3-0 Saturday
  • $15.00
There is a single game on today’s blue-ribbon schedule that definitely has the wrong total posted. The game I am releasing grades out at least 2 runs away from the posted total, and you and I can get the cash with this 15-unit play, plus two additional 10 unit plays.

Chase Diamond

MLB Super Handicapper

The #1 Handicapper for MLB winners!
Saturday’s Plays
  • $34.99

***BIGGEST SHARP PLAY THIS MONTH***Chase Diamond off a smoking hot 4-1 day and he looks to keep the winning going tonight with a game backed by both Vegas and offshore sharps. Chase is 36-23 61% in his last 59 selections. Grab this 100% guaranteed TOP PLAY WINNER.

Richie Baccellieri

Richie B. is the Man with the RIGHT NUMBER

The Man with the best numbers wins the most money...that’s Richie B!
Saturday’s Plays
Richie B. Saturday Baseball Oddsmakers Edge
  • $15.00
I’m Richie Baccellieri, Richie B. for short. I’m inviting you to join me for my top MLB plays as Baseball continues to be consistent moneymakers for my clients! I’ve gone 7-3 so far this week, after 2-0 Thursday, and hitting over 61% winners for the season.

Rocky Atkinson

The Rocketman

Saturday’s Plays
Rocketman Sports TOP RATED 10* MLB MONSTER Saturday! 22-4 85% last 26!
  • $30.00

Rocky Atkinson has a TOP RATED 10* MLB MONSTER winner for you on Saturday afternoon!  One of the BEST HANDICAPPERS in the world is on an impressive 93-60 61% MLB run over his last 159 picks! Join the same handicapper that has made $1,000/game bettors $25,790 since May 05, 2016 with his money line on Blue Jays v. Royals!  Rocketman is 22-4 85% last 26 overall premium picks!  Rocketman is documented #1 in MLB this year cashing 68% for the season with average odds of -113!

Dave Cokin

Dave is an industry insider, knowing the stats and stars better than anyone while understanding immediately the dynamics of line movement on any contest.

They call him "Smokin’ Dave Cokin," a longtime Las Vegas sports handicapper, radio and TV personality,
Saturday’s Plays
Dave Cokin MLB Bailout Blowout - Late Sat
  • $15.00
There’’s a late Baseball battle late tonight, so go inside the numbers with Dave Cokin’’s Baseball Late Bailout Blowout and cash

Jim Hurley’s Network

Jim Hurley Puts His Network Of Experts To Work For You

Let Jim Hurley Win for you during NBA Playoff Time.
Saturday’s Plays
Jim Hurley Baseball System Play of the Week
  • $20.00
Jim Hurley’s Baseball System Play of the Week. 7-2 With these Plays in 2017! We’ve found another play Saturday that fits the mold, a play that has won 75% of the time in the past two-plus seasons! Don’t miss this diamond in the rough + a bonus play that’s just about as strong!

Network Baseball 3-Bagger of the Week Sweeps Saturday
  • $15.00
Baseball 3-Bagger of the Week Grabs the Cash Saturday! We’re approaching baseball’s halfway point, and our baseball profits continue to soar, as we’ve won 67% of our games in June so far. On Thursday we were 3-0 with the Braves, Brewers and Astros