Richie Baccellieri - Richie B. Sunday MLB Moneyline Money Maker

  • Richie B. Sunday MLB Moneyline Money Maker $10.00

The Value is Perfect - The Payoff Will Be Too!

I’ve got a baseball game on  Sunday where there’s such excellent value on the moneyline that it’s worthy of a big bet. I know a lot of bettors shy away from baseball because they worry they can’t properly assess moneyline value. But when you know what you’re doing, baseball is a cash cow. And I know what I’m doing!

I know how to break down a lineup and determine what the percentage chance is of a team winning. I know to take that percentage, compare it to the moneyline and determine it’s value. I know how to take that value and correlate it to good money management. And I’m tell you my Moneyline Moneymaker on Sunday is deserving of our support. I’m going to bet it big and want you to be with me! Just $10

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