Wayne Allyn Root - The Root Trust 2017 Football Season 5

  • 2017 Season $1299.00
  • 5 Weeks $399.00
  • 1 Day $99.00

What do you want out of football? Some great games some of the time?
Or ALL great games ALL of the time? Then you want the:

It's winning to the nth degree - in three different shades.

Imagine betting the top, top plays on the boards every time you play. . . Games of the Year, Games of the Month, and Games of the Week every single time you play!

That's what the Root Trust is all about: nothing less than the plays of my five top clubs - and therefore the biggest winners in football, designed to make you the most money! Now available at a one-time early bird price that will save you $thousands even while making you TENS of $thousands.

In case you don't know Wayne Allyn Root, let me bring you up to speed. For over 30 years, whether at Fox Sports, USA Network, Spike TV, Superstation WGN or on the internet, I have picked more winners for more bettors than anyone that ever lived.

I hold dozens of records (just one example is the most outright underdog upset winners in history!) And from the Wall Street Journal, Las Vegas Sun, to Fortune, Barron's, Crain's, the Robb Report, to money shows on cable like Jim Cramer's Mad Money,


And the ROOT TRUST is the investment vehicle I have designed to get you all those top winners! And I have found these super games fall into three categories:

Here's a game where I cannot find a single flaw. Every comparison leads to the same conclusion: Team A must beat Team B by X points, no ands, ifs, buts or maybes. Like on Sept. 25 when the Eagles (+3½) dominated the Steelers on both sides of the ball, winning 34-3! It went as if they'd read the script!

I've got eyes and ears everywhere - not only locker rooms and practice fields but at the betting windows where my sources keep me posted on which parties are betting into which lines and why and how much! Remember last year's Outback Bowl when Florida (-3) crushed Iowa 30-3. There's no thrill like being in the know!

Beyond perfect! It's wisdom from the Other Side. That's why they make up my Game of the Month and Game of the Year plays that my clients annually feast on. Remember my College Upset of the Year when USC (+7.5) beat undefeated and #4 ranked Washington 26-13! It just doesn't get any better!

That's the ROOT TRUST.
It's your Game Plan for the Football Season of a Lifetime.

Sign up online for $1,299 for the entire season through the Super Bowl
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Or call/text 1-702-205-9800, and let's have no obligation, get acquainted chat. Forget sales pressure. You don't want it and I don't need it. This is about your long term goals and I'm here to see how my ROOT TRUST can help you get where you need to go. And if it all works out - whether you start small or slow or giant - you'll wind up in a very good place. I know. I'm your chauffeur. And I've made this trip before.

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