Wayne Allyn Root - Wayne Root 3 Club Bankroll Building Bonanza

  • 5 Weeks $249.00
  • Entire Season $449.00

Great News from the desk of Wayne Allyn Root!
Explode in September with my documented

For the first time, I'm combining my strongest 3 clubs into one SUPER SERVICE that will get you all the money possible!
Want to smash September?  Want to build an unstoppable bankroll that will win you're the season of your life? Here's your answer!

Three of my clubs have won the last four years in a row. So I "promoted" them to one Super Service that can't not win! Check the record!

 2016 2015 2014 2013 TOTAL 
Inner Circle 5-3-1 4-2-1 6-3-0 3-3-2 18-11-4 (62.1%)
Perfect Play 6-3-0 5-2-05-3-1 5-2-1 21-10-2 (67.7%)
No Limit 6-4-0 6-4-06-4-1 7-5-0 25-17-1 (59.5%)
3 Club Total 17-10-1 15-8-1 17-10-2 15-10-3 64-38-7(62.7%)
 (63.0%)(65.2%)(63.0%)(60.0%) (62.7%) 

Do you need any more information than that?

My three best clubs - all won the last 4 seasons in a row, going 64-38-7 over those 4 seasons in September - PLUS a sensational 23-9 (71.8%) on the Money Line last year! Translate that to this September. Imagine what a jump start those kind of numbers would give you this year! Over four years in a row, these three clubs are coming off a 12-0 run, and did not have a losing September!

Imagine what shape you'd be in by October, with $THOUSANDS in your wallet! Is there any such thing as too many winners? Now for the first time, you get my proven three best-performing clubs in one dynamite package that could magnify your profit picture and change your life! Look at those numbers again: Think of it: At $100 a game, you netted $2,220. If you had bet $200 a game, you netted $4,400. If you had bet $500 a game, you netted $11,100!

And if we add in Money Line it gets scary good. We also designated 32 Underdogs last season and recommended they be played on the Money Line for even greater profits. They went 23-9 for 71.8% and those 23 outright underdog winners paid an average of $265 on a $100 bet. That's an added $5,195 gross profit.
(Remember - that's just on $100 bets)
$200 bettors netted $10,390!
$500 bettors cashed $25,975!

This September could be the sweetest month of your life! You could bet your limit with confidence! THAT's how you make money in this game! Have you had too many close-but-no-cigar weekends? Maybe Lady Luck is telling you it's time for a change! And, based on my documented record, my BIG 3 is your answer. It's a big chunk of winning insurance

I'd never offered these three clubs - Perfect Play, Inner Circle and No Limit – in one package before. The idea came when a customer called me in the offseason and said: "Wayne, I love your winners – but I want to turn my life around in one season!" "YOU GOT IT!" I said. "I HEAR YOU!" THAT'S WHEN I MADE THE CHANGE!

Each of my clubs is based on a different concept. But based on the 4-year record, my BIG 3 make the most money

  • INNER CIRCLE is an inside play where I have received word from trusted sources in Vegas, focusing on who's over-betting the wrong side and giving us MEGAPOINTS going the other way! My Inner Circle has averaged 68% winners last 4 years!
  • PERFECT PLAY is simply a pick that's perfect: I cannot find a flaw, whether in man-on-man matchups, style matchups, x's and o's, schedule quirks or intangibles. Perfect Plays aren't perfect, but they do win an average of 2 out of 3 for 67%
  • NO LIMIT is a game where we are getting a TON of points, owing to factors the unsuspecting public doesn't dream of, like big school vs small school, (with one fan base out-betting the other). Or a West-to-East travel angle where west are too jet-lagged to bring their A game! No Limit Games covered over 61% of the time since 2013.



  • The Three #1 games of the 3 services
  • Every Saturday, take my 3 best (my strongest PERFECT PLAY + my best INNER CIRCLE play + my best NO LIMIT game)
  • Same deal with NFL games on Sunday: MY documented Top Three.
  • Monday or Thursday games when they measure up.
  • PLUS, I guarantee you an average of two MONEY LINE Games each week so you can collect multi-odds!
  • You can have this deal for FIVE weeks for only $249.
  • Or, for maximum profitability, come in for the whole season for only $449

PLUS: jump in on the pre-season at no extra charge and build MORE bankroll!

Wow! There has never been a deal like this before. Think of It: THREE DOCUMENTED WINNING SERVICES IN ONE PACKAGE at a price you could win back your first weekend. Thereafter it's all PROFIT! So don't waste a second.

GAMES POSTED Weekdays after 3:00pm(et) and Weekends after 10:30am(et).