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With Football Almost Gone - It's Time To Win Every Day With...
5-Best Games From His 5 Best Clubs

My games don’t just win - they reach for all the money

  • MILLIONAIRES: ($20 daily price): You know the old saying: "hidden in plain sight"?That's Millionaires Club. These winners are so obvious they get overlooked by everyone…But not by us!
  • NO LIMIT: ($25 daily price): Here the line is a handful of baskets or more OFF from where it ought to be.The dog is w-a-a-y overmatched. The public is chasing the false favorite - so you can bet all you want.
  • PERFECT PLAY: ($29 daily price): Means what it says: I can't find a flaw!These games rate 100%! Okay, so they don't win every time. But they prove due diligence pays off!
  • INNER CIRCLE: ($35 daily price) comes from a different part of the universe. Private sources.Whispers from the back room - an early move. Someone middling the line. I smell gift points! Let's get 'em!
  • PINNACLE PLAYS: ($45 daily price): Ah, it's better than perfect! It's wisdom from the Other Side.These are my famous Game of the Month and Game of theYear plays that my clients annually feast on.And the size of the covers tells you how far off the mark the public can be.


Documented by The Sports Monitor

The ROOT TRUST SERVICE Is only $69 per Day

  • Get Wayne's Best Plays from his Best 5 Best Clubs Every Game Day during the College and NBA regular seasons
  • On days where there are not 5 plays, you'll get Waynes Best Plays
  • Plus All Conference Tournaments
  • The NCAA / NIT Tournaments
  • NBA Playoffs - through the Championship Game.

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Wayne Allyn Root

What they say about Wayne Allyn Root:

“The king of handicappers… he’s the Warren Buffet of his world.” - Jim Cramer, CNBC
“ Wayne Allyn Root is an American gambling legend.” - John O’Reilly, Ladbrokes World’s Largest Legal Bookmaker
“Wayne’s success is mindblowing.”, Fox News Las Vegas

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