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With Richie B!

Richie B.
Former Sportsbook Director at Caesar's Palace, the MGM Grand and the Palms

“Richie treats every game as if it's the only game on the board, and he must get it right!”
Chris Andrews, as Race and Sportsbook Manager, South Point Hotel & Casino

"Whenever there is a serious question about a game, invariably someone says, What does Richie B. say? That says it all"
Jimmy Vaccaro - Dean of Las Vegas Linesmakers

The Right Number – the perfect point spread between two contending teams – is my life. I eat it. Drink it. Breathe it. Sleep it. Dream it. I am obsessed by it. . You can't be the winningest linesmaker in Las Vegas for 27 years in a row unless you are very detail-oriented, love numbers, love pouring over stats, figuring matchups, watching game film, and analyzing x's and o's.

It worked for me for for 27 years – from 1984 to 2011 - I was the sharpest linesmaker in town. Whether at Caesar's Palace, the MGM Grand or the Palms – I was famous for ignoring the standard Las Vegas line and putting up my own line instead.The biggest bettors couldn't beat me then and the biggest sportsbooks cannot beat me now.


  • We Started with the Wild Cards on January 6-7
    Went 3-1 winning with the Titans, Falcons and Bills, and just missed with the Saints
  • In the Divisional Playoffs was 2-1-1, winning outright with Eagles and Jaguars
  • Conference Championships Jan 21 -
    Jaguars at Patriots (-9, 46.5)

    Vikings (-3.5, 38) at Eagles
  • Super Bowl LII on February 4

Since leaving the sportsbooks I have gone 36-21-2 in the NFL Playoffs, that's a 5-year winning percentage of 61.8%, including 5-2-1 this season.

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